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Interlude [L2J] L2Absinthe.info 2013-10-26

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Server Is Stuck Sub 1+1

XP 5000x
SP 5000x
Adena 1000x



Enchant Rates

Safe enchant +3
Max Weapon +20 ( with Crystal scroll )
Max Armor/jewel +16
Normal Scroll 70%
Blessed Scroll Rate: 100%
Crystal Scroll Rate 100%
Other & Custom Systems
New character Start With 500kk Adena
Max Subclasses 1+1 (Main)
All skills working
Starting Level 2
Buff time: 3 hours
Olympiad: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT+2, Every Week Hero
Balanced Skills ( everyday update for perfect balance )
Raid Bosses Jewelers in Vote Shop ( Need vote coins )
Offline shop system
Custom Zones
Custom pvp zone
Party Control
Wedding, Fishing Systems
Castle Sieges
Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes
Augment Features

Lifestone mid 5% ( farm )
Lifestone high 10% ( farm )
Lifestone top 20% ( only vote )



Custom Items

3 Custom accessories ( No Stats )
2 Tattoo Fighter / mage



Raid Bosses With Custom drops and respawn 2 hours

Queen Ant



GateKepper Farm Zones/PvP Zones

GateKepper Farm Zones , Level Up Zone, PvP Zones
Safe Farm Zones - Absinthe Stone And Gold Bars
PVP farm Zones - Gold Bars Spawn A,B -
Hard Farm Absinthe Stone 1,2,3
Life Stone Zone
Level Up Zone 
PvP Zones - Tower of Insolence 11 - ( Toi Floor 11 )
Primeval Isle ( PI )



Custom NPC

Gm Shop
Custom shop
Vote shop
Sub Class master
Skill Manager ( you can learn only 10 skills! NOT more! )
Ultimate Orc (Quest manager)
Augmenter seller ( lvl 5 skills )
Skill Enchanter
Event Manager
RB Gatekeeper
Bug Reporter
Archievements Manager
PvP-Pk Manager
About Server
Pet Seller
Nobbles NPC at Giran Town (Caradine).
Password Manager (You Can Change Your Password).
Warehouse Keeper NPC.

Team vs Team, Capture the Flag 
Domination, Treasure Chests 
Death Match, Last Man Standing
Find the -leeching-



Custom Commands

(.goto) Teleport To Players.

(.repair) For Fix Stuck Char.

(.info) For See Server Info.

(.menu) Menu Chracter Panel.

(.bank) To See Info About Bank System.

(.help) To see our commands.

(.info) Some Info for server.

(.Party Control) Only leaders party can use this

(.voteinfo) Hop Zone Vote Info.

(.votebuff) Vote Buff Reward.

(.siegestatus) Siege Information.

(.joinoly) Register olympiad.

(.leaveoly) Unregister olympiad.

(.stats) Shows target's statistics.

(.offline_shop) Offline trade.



Website: http://l2absinthe.info

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