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hellbound L2 Seed Of Extermination - Online Since 2 Weeks+


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I would like to attract people to Hi5 mid which is very stable and hasn't got ddos problems like many others around, its stable and well driven by experienced IT engeneer and java developer.


Cool features and easy gameplay including no reuse mana pots and high grade mats through medals trade makes L2 SoE a nice place to play :)


Come by and check it out yourself!!!


Al the info below:




Seed Of Extermination is a FREE TO PLAY Server, rates x20, Full High Five part 5.

Come, join now!.
This is a fast resume of all of our features included in L2jPS Source Code.
* XP/SP: x20
* Drop: x20
* Drop Adena: x20
* Drop Spoil: x20
* Party XP/SP/Adena/Drop: x1.5
* Drop Raid: x1
* Drop Manor: x5
* Rate Consumable Cost: x1
* Quest XP/SP/Adena/Drop: x20
* Sin Eater XP Rate: x5
* Pet Food Rate: x1
* Pet XP Rate: x5
* Enchant Safe Max: +3, full body: +4
* Max Enchant: +25
* Enchant Chance: 66,66%
* Auto pickup items from mobs, except Raids
* Buff Slots: 24, 12, 12
* Duration of Buffs, Dances, Chants, Improveds and Party buffs: 1 Hour all
* Automatic class changes for adena, at reach the necessary level [First class (10K adena), Second class (100K Adena), Third class (2KK Adena)] or doing the Quest
* Subclass without Quest
* Subclass change at any Village Master
* Automatic learning skills. Forgotten Skills is automatic and Divine Inspiration not is automatic
* Vitality System implemented
* Offline Trade implemented for 10 days
* Instances: Pailaka, Kamaloka, Crystal Cavern, Dark Cloud Mansion, Seed of Infinity, Seed of Destruction, Seed of Annihilation, Nornils Garden and more working
* Instances of Fortresses working
* Hellbound Working at level 11. Access with "Path to Hellbound" Quest
* All GrandBosses of High Five working
* Voiced Commands Enabled
* Gift of Vitality Event. Enabled
* Archievements Event. Enabled
* Elpys Event. Enabled
* Rabbit Event. Enabled
* Race Event. Enabled
* April Fools Event. Enabled
* Christmas Is Here Event. Enabled
* EventsSpawn Event. Enabled
* Hallowed You Event. Enabled
* Holly Cow Event. Enabled
* L2 Day Event. Enabled
* Ninja Adventures Event. Enabled
* School Days Event. Enabled
* Squash Event Event. Enabled
* Super Star Event. Enabled
* Trick or Transmutation Event. Enabled
* Town War Event (in Aden Town). Enabled
* Event Engine. Enabled. Generous reward for winner or winners
* -> Team vs Team
* -> Death Match
* -> Last Man Standing
* -> Capture The Flag
* -> Domination
* -> Bomb Fight
* -> VIP Team Vs. Team
* -> Lucky Chests
* -> Zombie
* -> Simon Says
* -> Double Domination
* -> Russian Roulette
* -> Mutant
* -> Battlefield
* Olympiads. Minimum 7 participants
* PC-Cafe points (PC Bang points). Enabled
* HP/MP/CP Multiplier x2
* Recipes Dwarf and Common limit: 100
* Capacity of Overweight: x3
* Inventory Slots: 160 all players, dwarves 200 and Warehouse slots: 200 all players, dwarves 240
* Clan members can withdraw items from the Clan Warehouse
* VoteReward. Implemented
* EasyChampions from level 20 to level 70 and HardChampions from level 35 to level 85. Reward and HP resist x8 y x10 respectively
* Shift+Click. Enabled
* Alt+Click. Enabled
* Giran Luxury with Armors, Weapons and Jewelry till A-Grade
* Prime Shop. Enabled
* Premium Services. Available
* GM SHOP till A-Grade
* NPC Buffer with schemas
* Initial Equipment when you create Character
* Balanced Races, Classes and his Skills
* GeoData and PathNodes
* AntiBot System
* AntiCheat system
* Gatekeeper Global in all Towns. Free until level 40, after 10K per teleport.
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