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If you are one of those people who is on the fence about this service, ****ing buy it, this guy is so legit it blows my mind. I'm a long time leecher of this forum and literally never post anything and just search for stuff that interests me. But this gentlemen has me taking time out of smoking blunts and killing noobs to post this message. 14 Thumbs up to this amazing guy 5/5 stars, Legit service, legit person, friendly as hell and even took the time to help ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Zach you are the man and just being able to fight blizz like this really makes my day!


Seph has been able to unban me before, and is living up to his word of his lifetime service!  He is working to get me unbanned again!


I have purchased his lifetime unbanned service about two years ago which was only about $12 dollars back then it he successfully got it unbanned and it was the best 12 dollars I have ever spent and it was wroth it because I didn't have to buy the games and all the expansion and not to mention all the toons I have. A couple of days ago I got my main account banned and I remembered I had purchased his lifetime service two years ago and quickly got his Skype and asked him for help again. With no hesitation, he helped because he had confirmed that I did purchase his lifetime unban two years ago. His amazing writing skills got my account unbanned 4 hours later after I sent in a ticket.

If you account is banned, I highly recommend his service. If it is unsuccessful getting your account unbanned he will keep trying until it is unbanned which he did two years ago and now a couple days ago. The fact that I purchased his service two years ago and he honored my request and got my account unbanned a couple days ago is just A+++. He knows that he is doing!


I lost account about 3 weeks ago in that blizzard summer sweep, it was perma ban.
After contacting Sephirofl we made deal and give it a try, it wasnt easy i got some *** in costumer support but even with that after few tryes we managed to get me unbaned and my account restored.
Sephirofl gave me quite solid support and answer all my questions and mails i sent him, even after we were done with account he gave me some tips for my another account problems.
+ rep for u mate and keep good work! i sure will contact u again if i get into trouble with blizz again!


One of my WoW account was banned since 2007. I wrote and called Blizzard every year since to try to unban it. I've literally harassed them but without success. According to Blizzard, my account was permanently banned! So I was a bit skeptical about the Sephirofl unban services. But I decided to try because it is not expensive and telling me, you never know ... . Two days and two incredible letters later, my account was unbanned and ready to use! I could not believe it and yet it was true, I must recommend that incredible Sephirofl unban service because it really blew me away! Again thank you man!


Excelent Work Seph!! This person helped me at unban my last 3 year account!!. i was a part of the banwave in january this year 2012.. i paid 15 dlls by paypal, and sent the 1st letter.. blizz says "final world no UNBAN THIS ACCOUNT" but with the work of this guy and perseverance we finaly cross the river.... take us like 10 days be patient and do exactly what he says.. ty again Seph!


I paid Sephirofl $13 USD he wrote me 1 letter and my account went from being permanently closed to unbanned! WITH JUST 1 LETTER FROM THIS GUY! He is THE **** is all I have to say.

Thank you very much for your services Sephirofl!


Amazing! I paid, he wrote an amazing letter, I sent it [was confusing because you cant just email them now, you have to use their ticket system in battle.net], and literally 5 minutes later I was unbanned!
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this guy is amazing, got a lot of ppl unbanned dont ask me how he just do it, if you have an acc banned he will get it unbanned for you, no need to farm everything again or to quit your favorite game.



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If you have not already, can you email me the following information to zardoling@gmail.com to help with getting Unbanned:
What Game Were you Banned?
Why were you banned?
Have you appealed the ban?
Have you been banned before?
Where did you hear about my service ?  
Do you have a Promo code from a referral?
What is your Skype ?

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Due to a recent hack that had compromised my email / Skype, I have had to change my contact information.  Please be sure to disregard my previous Skype, and contact me using the following info.

Skype: SephiroflUnban
Email:  Sephirofl@UnbanService.com

If you were effected by the hacker, please contact me and I will assist you however I can.

Best Regards,


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I do not.


Online Now!


If you need Unbanned, message me at the following:

Skype - SephiroflUnban

Email - Zardoling@gmail.com



i am banned for 3rd party programs can i have unban ???

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