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WTS Fast And Extra Cheap Boosting Up To Platinum!

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ImMrTryHard contacted me.. to vouch for him.. because I am a member of the other forum as well (I can't tell the name I suppose)


I first wanted to report him to Maxtor because i thought it was syndrasboost (a really bad booster as I can see from the comments, positive-negatives) he was emoquitting in the games. But seems I was wrong. :P


Anyway, I saw his positive/neutral/negative feedback and his score is: 10/0/0. 10 positive 0 negative 0 neutral. 


His prices are OK, never tried his services tho, so I can't guarantee a real success. (But he is vouched by 10 people + , and he is a very good booster according the other people from the other forum)


So yeah, vouching for him as well. Don't hesitate to contact w/ him. 




EDIT: I reached Gold V! so probably I might use your services for Plat V? Who knows! :D

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