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[L2J] Evadine Reborn


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this guy is smart ,what can i say ,he makes money ,thats all he needs ,he dont care about ur comments ;p


but i agree, hes bad on lineage ,he have no clue about balance and all servers repeat eachother with same bugs ,it was a miracle enough that he fixed olympiad full buffs after 3 months since l2 chaotic to l2 atenea!


dagger backstab 950 with full str,pvp duels and 3,5k from nuker,oh yeah! best! ,dont forget about antibs scripts cuz no antibot,lameguard which is a dream for a pvp server, especially for homemade like this one


This guy says connection is 1 gpbs but its just his pc with perhaps 10 mpbs internet connection ,yes you heard good ,with 10 mpbs connection upload you can hold 150+ players with a bit of lag ,thats all u need ,and a 8gb ram perhaps or 6 :) ,thats why he doesnt even use geodata... ,LOL!


cmon man ,try to lie better ,at least say that u have 100 mpbs and 6-8 gb ram not 32 LOL ,who would pay 32gb ram for a random pvp l2j ,jesus christ ... ;p

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Check your Conection and pc ;) the server had 1000 megas of conetion


You don't even know proper english, what to think about your development skills?

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ppl on?


hahahaha epic lol u asking your own servers online player number? 


l2trueno=l2evadine (aka L2chaoticbr) btw gratz for that forum i see only bots spam there, dont you know how to ban forum account?

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Same Freya server that keeps shutting down, changing name/website and re-opening. It's either L2 Empires or L2 Gloryfights.


Same Admin with the Same GM clan that follows this admin around to his 2 week servers.


Hey admin here's a thought, instead of changing the name of your server every 2 weeks, STOP GIVING QHP and other crap to your clan and friends!! Idiot!

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This is server  :-beep- yeah: 

I test it and it's really awesome server!


Edit: Down? :S



OFC it's down. Too many learned of it's corruption and amatuer admin. That means it's time to shut it down, change the name and npcs again, rip another website, change the website and dns, and reopen for another 2 weeks to a month, before this dweeb does it alllllllll over again.


Never ending cycle.

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