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- Update 13.09.13: Forum converted successfully from SMF 2.0.5 to Invision Power Board (IPB) 3.4.5 Latest.

- Update 13.09.13: New MxC Theme v2 Installed.

- Update 13.09.13: Forum name coloured purchased and installed.

- Update 14.09.13: [HSC] Recent Posts (Sidebar Block) installed.

- Update 14.09.13: One-Click Ban Installed.

- Update 14.09.13: Global Forum Message Installed.

- Update 14.09.13: Top Reputation (Sidebar) Installed.

- Update 14.09.13: Group Name Indicator Installed

- Update 14.09.13: Members Online Today Installed

- Update 14.09.13: (SOS34) Group Color on User Links Installed.

- Update 19.09.13: IP.Downloads Installed. New categories added.

- Update 19.09.13: Advanced Tags & Prefixes purchased and installed.

- Update 20.09.13: IP.Nexus purchased and installed. new subscriptions, and advertisement spots are added.

- Update 20.09.13: Ad Blocking Detector purchased and installed.

- Update 21.09.13: mod_rewrite enabled. Friendly (shorten) URLs enabled. 

- Update 22.09.13: IP.Content purchased and installed. Not for public yet.

- Update 24.09.13: Trader Feedback System purchased and installed. 

- Update 01.10.13: Repuration Only of First Post installed.

- Fix 04.10.13: Wordwrap for posts added,now long words break. Also max height for code tag set to 600px.

- Fix 08.10.13: Fixed sitemap.xml and robots.txt for google bots , optimized for IPB.

- Update 08.10.13: (DP33) Guest View Limits added. Guests are forced to register or login after 10 website refresh.

- Update 31.10.13: IPB (Invision Power Board) upgraded from 3.4.5 to latest 3.4.6 successfully.

- Update 31.10.13: IP.Nexus upgraded from 1.5.8 to latest 1.5.9 successfully.

- Update 31.10.13: Suhosin fixes, optimized for IPB.

- Update 17.12.13: Security Fix for IPB here

- Update 24.12.13: Ad Blocking Detector temporary disabled.

- Update 24.12.13: (DP33) Guest View Limits temporary disabled. Spam section unlocked for guests too.

- Update 08.03.14: [HQ] Awards purchased and installed.

- Update 08.03.14: [HQ] Raffles System purchased and installed.

- Update 08.03.14: Country flags,current mood status and reputation added.

- Update 04.05.14: Added 3 new skins for Minecraft , L2MxC and L2RPG boards. 

- Update 09.07.14: Added (DP34) Mass PM installed for advertising reasons.

- Update 16.07.14: (SOS33) Ban Reason View 2.0 purchased and installed. 

- Fix 01.08.14: IP.Content 2.3.x Security Update installed.

- Fix 02.08.14: Pay to Pin module purchased and installed.

- Update 11.08.14: Bump Up Topics installed.

- Update 11.08.14: (BIM34) Hide link and code installed.

- Update 17.10.14: IPBoard upgraded to latest 3.4.7 successfully.

- Update 15.05.15: IPBoard upgraded to latest 3.4.8 successfully.


Coming soon:

- Classifields (will be used as a General Marketplace with Credit Support)


Looking for:

- Reduce post count after a topic/post is removed.




- News 13.09.13: Old SMF forum archived live here . Now you can view your old personal messages.
- News 19.09.13: Now you can add your Prefixes at Lineage II Marketplace and Lineage II Private Servers. Edit your topics!
- News 19.09.13: IP.Downloads installed.Now you can sell your files securely with Maxcheaters.com credit system.

- News 20.09.13: New coupon System.
- News 21.09.13: mod_rewrite enabled. Friendly (shorten) URLs enabled.
- News 24.09.13: Trader Feedback System Installed. VIPs/Staffers can leave feedback. Globals can moderate it.
- News 26.09.13: New Facebook, Youtube, Google+ Channels. Like us @ Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/maxcheaterscom
- News 29.09.13: New games are coming. Looking for board moderators. (local)

- News 29.09.13: New games are added into 2 categories MMORPG and FPS/RTS/MOBA

- News 30.09.13: Crossfire Game Moderator added: `iAndre . Guildwars Moderator added: Tijseh

- News 30.09.13: Global Moderators have now access to tracking IP, Prefixes and moderation Logs.

- News 01.10.13: Reputation system changed to Like System. Only at first post.

- News 08.10.13: Guests are forced to register or login after 10 website refresh. 1 Hour block set.

- News 21.10.13: MaxCheaters.com moved to Neitherlands hosting based on Hyperfilter.

- News 24.12.13: Forum restrictions have changed: AdBlock Disabled,Guests can view Spam Section, Guests viewcount unlimited.

- News 27.12.13: Forum rules have been upgraded , also translated in Greek Language.

- News 08.03.14: New Logo has been released.

- News 08.03.14: A security patch for IPB has been installed.

- News 08.03.14: Avatar size increased to 130x130,like system changed to reputation system.

- News 05.04.14: Global Moderators have now full access to ban/unban/suspend.Staffers have Admin CP and mod logs access.

- News 10.06.14: Legendary membergroup has been replaced by Legendary Awards. 

- News 09.07.14: New topsite coming soon! Screenshots to be released soon!



Coming soon:


- Fix signature sizes.

- Remake IP.Download categories.

- Remake New games subcategories.

- Webhosting through Store (IP.Nexus Feature).

- Domains through Store (IP.Nexus Feature).




- Announce 20.09.13: Use Coupon MXCISINVISION to get 50% discount to all Banners and VIPs! Until 30-09-2013!

- Announce 21.09.13: Help us improve the quality of posts. Start by replacing old SMF urls with new IPB urls at your posts.

- Announce 30.09.13: Still looking for gaming board moderators.

- Announce 30.09.13: Looking for Facebook article writers. (for new games)

- Announce 30.09.13: Looking for IP.Content (Portal) article writers (for new games)

- Announce 30.09.13: Looking for Youtube Video Makers for MaxCheaters.com Channel.

- Announce 01.10.13: Get VIP Membership and have 50% discount at Hyperfilter.com.

- Announce 01.10.13: Host Your Private Server Forum At Maxcheaters.com

- Announce 09.03.14: Dont forget to contribute for Maxcheaters Lineage 2 Fundraiser project here http://www.maxcheaters.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&section=donations

- Announce 30.03.14: What do you think Maxcheaters really needs? V2 Link here

- Announce 06.04.14: Make maxcheaters.com dedicated to lineage 2 ONLY? Vote here

- Announce 12.04.14: Private Servers to have their own board? Yes or No Vote here

- Announce 03.05.14: Remove legendary membergroup? Yes or no? Vote here

- Announce 03.05.14: Staffers rules added here

- Announce 03.05.14: Forum Cleanup + Get Gold membership event here

- Announce 04.05.14: Added 2 New projects. L2MxC and L2RPG , coming soon!

- Announce 10.06.14: L2MxC beta coming soon! L2RPG looking for team. 

- Announce 07.07.14: At 09/07/2014 network maintenance.More info here

- Announce 09.07.14: L2MxC will eventually run as low rate server. No ETA yet announced.

- Announce 09.07.14: Forum Cleanup Event ended - MeVsYou has won Gold Membership Info: here

- Announce 09.07.14: Official Partnership With Mmoplay.eu . Info here

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November Updates:

- Membergroup Images Updated.

- Added Emojis.

- Awards Added.

- New Special Groups Added.


Upcoming Updates:

- Awards will be updated + new Awards to be added.

- New Special Groups.

- Changes to Marketplace Sections.

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