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[Req]Fighter FX >7.2 (all fakes?)


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hi. i got this hack i use while playing cs called fighter fx v7.2. its the best hack i have for this game but i noticed on many websites that there are newer versions of this popular cheat, so i wanted to have these upgraded releases too. unfortunately, all the files that i've downloaded have proved to be fakes &/or viruses. has anyone else found and tested a working FX version above 7.2 or a better alternative hack?

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Wrong Section


I'm afraid you'll have to pay to get any newer version of it.

Some info about FFX


Games Support:

» Steam: Counter-Strike 1.6 / Counter-Strike Condition Zero

» NoSteam: All HL1 Based Games (Include CS1.6/CSCZ)

Clients Support: Steam Official / NoSteam all versions

OS Support: Windows XP / Windows Vista

Type: C++



» FFX Binds, WallHack, ESP, Visuals, Speed, Aimbot, RadarHack and more...

» View All Features



» VAC / VAC2

» SoundCheck

» HLGuard










Menu Key (select key for open/close menu)

Console Key (select key for open/close console)

Speed (select key for enable speedhack)

:: Aimbot

Aim (automatic aim)

AimBind (select bind for enable aim)

Autowall (automatic aim players by the walls)

AutoShoot (automatic aim and shoot players)

Aiming Mode (silent aimbot, behaved shamelessly aimbot, and more...)

Hitbox (straight forward way to slaughter the competition)

Bone (other straight forward way to slaughter the competition)

Distance (aim by distance)

AutoFire (view player, automatic fire)

Recoil Switch (select your recoil switch)

Inverse Switch (select your inverse switch)

Bone Switch (select your bone switch)

Hitbox Switch (select your hitbox switch)

FOV (lets you set the FOV on enemys to kill)

Team (select aim for team or all)

Prediction (your predicted aimbot)

Predback (setting for configure prediction)

Pred aHead (setting for configure prediction)

Draw AimSpot (draws a circle in the middle of the screen and shows your fov)

Adjust Height (adjust height for aim mode)

Adjust Forward (adjust forward for aim mode)

Adjust Right (adjust right for aim mode)

Jump Height (adjust jump height for aim mode)

Jump Forward (adjust jump forward for aim mode)

Jump Right (adjust jump right for aim mode)

:: Visual Options

Colored Models (colored terrorist models in red and ct models in blue)

WhiteWall (all map textures colored on white)

Crosshairs (six differents crosshairs)

Wiremodel (ten differents thickness for outline wire model)

Whitemodel (colored models in white)

Lambert (special bright for players)

Fullbright (all textures in full bright mode!)

Inverse Colors (inverse models colors)

Ghost Mode (all models on transparent glow)

LocalGlow Color (select color for localglow *ten differents colors)

LocalGlow Thickness (select thickness for localglow *twenty differents)

PlayerGlow (on terrorist players show red light and ct players show blue light)

HE GrenadeGlow (show grey light on grenades *five differents)

:: ESP

BoxESP (lets you see the enemys hitboxes *two differents)

WeaponESP (shows what weapon your enemy has)

SpriteESP (shows what weapon sprite your enemy has)

NameESP (show what name your friend/enemy has)

DistanceESP (shows how many meters away your enemy is)

ReloadESP (show reload bar on enemy/friend reloading weapon)

EntityESP (show all names for weapon/c4/defuse and more on map)

LightESP (viewing terrorist light in red and ct light in blue *ten differents)

:: SoundESP

Enable (enable soundesp on screen)

Tol (tol soundesp)

Filter (filter soundesp)

Display (display soundesp)

Time (time soundesp)

:: WallHacks

WallMode (two different types for wallhack)

WhiteWall (all map textures colored on white)

NightMode (map by nigh)

AntiVAC2 Wall (prevent detected wallhack)

Outline wall (map showed outlines in configure color)

Outline color R (configure red outline color)

Outline color G (configure green outline color)

Outline color B (configure blue outline color)

:: SpeedHack

Aspeed (speed only activated on press mouse1/2/3)

Speed (automatic speed moving)

KnifeSpeed (speed only on knife attack)

:: Removals

NoFlash/NoSmoke (remove flashbang and smokegrenade effects)

NoSky (remove sky texture)

NoSpread (remove extension)

NoRecoil (remove recoil for weapons)

:: Informations

Version (show in topscreen fighter fx name and version)

Stats: Kills/Deaths (show kills and deaths on leftscreen)

Stats: Headshots (show headshots on leftscreen)

Stats: Ratio (show percent ratio on leftscreen)

Winamp Song (show winamp play song on leftscreen)

C4 Bomb Timer (show bomb timer on leftscreen)

System Hour (show your system hour on rightscreen)

:: Miscellaneous

Radarhack (show all the enemys on the radar *two differents)

Third PersonHack (playing on 3rd)

BunnyHop (the famous balarina jumping!)

SpinHack (your player is constant moving for prevent headshot)

SpinSpeed (configure spinhack speed *nine differents)

QuakeGuns (viewing your weapon/hand on Quake Style)

RainBowSix (viewing your weapon/hand on RainBow Six Style)

Grenade Dodge (automatic grenade fire)

Grenade Mindist (configure minimum grenade distance)

Autoplaying (your is away? this feature is automatic playing!)

Player Maxdist (configure maximum player distance for autoplaying)

Player Mindist (configure minimum player distance for autoplaying)

Anti-Admin Kick (for prevent kicked by admin *two differents)

Flood (says the ffx flood!)

Spam (says the ffx spam!)

:: Rapid Nicks

Fighter FX | User (change your nick to Fighter FX | User)

www.DarkCheats.org (change your nick to www.DarkCheats.org)

Hello Gabe (change your nick to Hello Gabe)

Deagle[OnLy] (change your nick to Deagle[OnLy])

MoTheR-beep-eR (change your nick to MoTheR-beep-eR)

MILF LOVE (change your nick to MILF LOVE)

I (L) MultiHack (change your nick to I (L) MultiHack)

:: WinAmp Control

Play (play song)

Stop (stop song)

Pause (pause song)

Next (next song)

Previous (previous song)

Forward (forward song)

Back (back song)

Volume (configure winamp volume)

Load PlayList (load in cheat console your winamp song list)


- Encrypted loader inyection

- Internal .dll encrypted

- Compressed, Hidden-Packer and Protection all files!

- Clear PE HEader





  • 38.75 EUR
    not include support/free updates

  • 49.99 EUR
    include 1 free updates
  • 79.99 EUR
    include 3 free updates
  • 139.99 EUR
    include 6 free updates
  • 229.99 EUR
    include 8 free updates
  • 379.50 EUR
    include lifetime free updates
  • 1.500 EUR
    complete sourcecode, compile and work!

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