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Welcome to  Lineage 2 WestSide Interlude Pvp Server  Consider yourself lucky since you've just found the BEST private L2 server.

We are constantly in development and have an load of working features. Not to mention VERY active GM and DEV teams.




Grand Opening 8/9/2013 at 18:00 GMT +2!


Server Grand Opening 8/9/2013 18:00pm GMT +2



Our Goals


- Active development/GMTeam all the time.

- Good support.

- NO corruptions!

-100% Uptime.







- RateXp = 2000.

- RatePartyXp = 2000.

- RateDropAdena = 4000.

- KarmaRateDrop = 12.

- RateDropItems = 25.



Enchant Rates


- Safe Enchant = +3.

- Weapons Max Enchant = +12.

- Armors Max Enchant = +12.

- Jewels Max Enchant = +12.

- Normal Scroll Enchant Rate = 68%.


- Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate = 50%.


Blessed System: When the enchant breaks, the enchantment item will go -1, example: you have one item +X and you want to enchant it with a blessed scroll and you break it, it will go X-1 (50% Rate)


- Crystal Scrolls Enchant Rate = 20%.


Crystal System: When the enchant breaks, the enchantment item will not decrease, example: you have one item +X and you want to enchant it with a crystal scroll and you break it, it will be again X. (20% Rate)

Crystal System Extra: You have got 100% rates until + 12 and for 13-14 20% rates.



LifeStones Rates


- Success Rate = 12%.

- Stuck skills actives(NO LIMITS).


General Configs


- 62 Buff Slots.

- 3 Debuff Slots.

- Total Buffs Slots = 62 + 3 D-Buffs!

- Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes.

- DualBox allowed.

- 3 Hours All buffs.



Olympiad System


- Retail Like.

-Olympiad Cycle = 2 Weeks.


Retail System


- C4/C5/Interlude features/skills working 98%

- Retail like gameplay without any customs.

- Weapon Augmentations.

- Interesting Farm and Enchants.

- Noblesses & Heroes System.

- Castle Sieges.

- Clan Hall Sieges.

- Clan Wars.

- C5/Interlude Clan System.

- Subclans (Academy,Royal Guards,Order of Knights).

- Cursed weapons.

- Dueling System.


Command System


- Vote Reward System (.votereward|.inforeward|.reward).

- Server Info Window (.info|.infos)

- Gold Bar System (.deposit - .withdraw).

- Teleport Manager (.teleport).

- Pmon-Pmoff (.pmon|.pmoff)

- Tradeon-Tradeoff (.tradeoff|.tradeon)

- Repair Manager for DeBug (.repair).

- Online players (.online)

- Increase your level [sub - main classes] (.setlvl|.setlevel)

- Check Trusted Member [More safe in game] (.infotrust)

- CHARACTER PANEL (.menu|.panel)





-Automatic CTF (gives event medals).

- Automatic TvT (gives event medals).

- Lottery Event prize (500.000.000)


Farm System




1 Area safe+npc zone with 30% Farm drop

1 Area Guarded with 75 Farm drop

1 Area No guards with 100% Farm drop

1 Area PvP Zone (Island) for farm PvP Item


GmShop System

- You can buy item with 5 Ways

( PvP / Farm / Event / PcBang / Vote Items )



Special Features


- Custom PvP System ( With reward that you can use it on GmShop )

- Tattoos Mage And Fighter.

- Anti Buff Shield.

- Pc Bang Points (you can buy everything).

- Retail PvP Area (Island)

- Custom Farm Areas

- Voting Announcements (No Spam). Every 15 mins the players get notified about the server's votes in Hopzone and Topzone

- Every 5 votes the character will earn 5 vote stones that you can use to buy items

- Offline Traders. (Offline Traders getting 30% less vote reward)

- Account Manager (Panel System)

- Report System (Panel System)

- When you create a new char you must choose what lvl want to be

- For Max the level from subclass you can easy use the item lvlup item

- IF YOU ARE TRUSTED member you can enchant the HERO weapons (NO more limits)

- LoL Skills ( If you are trusted Member you take it from trusted manager for free )




- All Npcs in one ( 80% We working on it )

- Full Buffer (With scheme)

- Trusted Manager (If you are trusted you can take for free 2 lol Skills)

- Famous Manager

- Augmenter

- Skill Enchanter

- Casino (Rates 50% duplicate your items)

- Gatekeeper (With Players inside + all areas)

- Event Manager

- Nobless Manager.

- Clan Manage

- Server Info (All infos about server and players) .

- Olympiad Manager.

- Weeding Manager.

- Anti Pk (1000 ms respone)






Contacts and links


Skype: L2.WestSide

Email: L2WestSide@outlook.com

Website:  www.L2WestSide.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Westside

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Very good server and feautures i like the server i think this server need only players the server open today  i speak with admin and he told me tomorrow server will be on hopzone and topzone so guys come and log for play farm its easy no custom items

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