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PVP Freya server with dynasty max? and +10 armor/20 weapon?


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What do you think? :)) (just popped up in my head from curiosity) but ,im trying to give the retail feeling (this suits more to epilogue client but is ok on freya too)


It has nothing to do with balance btw... and no its not stupid ,neither enchant neither dynasty max


just tell me ur ideas

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haha since no answers


it means ,players dont like freya with dyn max


so i guess il stick with freya retail like... (that would mean vesper max with elegia at raids but thats for midrates lol xD) So just elegia/vorpal i guess....


i have yet to decide xD

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+10 armor max/ +14 weapon max/

Freya is Very nice Clien but armors goes on class

Ttanks Moirai

Dagers vesper ( or found dynsty )

Mages ( dont know never played them )

Summoners ( Vesper )

Bows (i think vesper )


i was only titan on this client

Anyway if you have only dynasty just retail the stats for all classes ( and put found too ) My oppinion

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ive decided


i will make elegia/vorpal




because it sounds quite stupid ,i know ,i hate elegia/vorpal ,freya client too but freya is popular (well not so popular anymore ,hi5 surpassed it) but its up to community not to me ,most of players like freya with its things not limited things, i know that but from curiosity i just wanted to find out ,how it would be (if i would had epilogue server ,sure ,np with dynasty max) ,anyway ,my server will have foundation armors too (for oly tokens+last farm zone) [no i wasnt inspired by skychase ,i had this idea for like 1 week ago and already implemented it] ,balanced economy (around 1+ week farming ,not too easy and not too hard either) ,phoenix engine perhaps unless il get nexus ,if i wont ,il buy it in 2-3 weeks together with Lameguard too (yep il need lot of money, thats why il use from donations), and right now im working on balance (so far 30+ hours work and im like 40% done) ,all skills will work almost similar to l2off with some exceptions  (including forgotten trickster traps,slh blink,soul web and much much more) and dmg will be very crazy comparing to other freyas u have played (crazy comparing to bad freya servers i mean ,but the this will be the normal dmg) its purpose is the balance


I will post a preview in 3-4 days (can be sooner or later) and when i will prepare the website ,i will post logs/changes of each skill/class that has been reworked including bad classes (the never used one) including bugs if necessary (most of them will be fixed before live) ,also classes like sorceror/sps will be able to match sph 1v1 and pvp also and sorc can beat sps due to higher dmg ,sps can beat sorc due to higher casting and so on) [i gaved an example ,i was bored :P]


Sorry ,if you didnt had patience to read this huge wall of text :)

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i am still undecided


maybe i should add vesper/dynasty foundation with 5-10% stats bonus comparing to elegia and weapon masterwork vesper/dynasty too :) ,this would be a reason to not delete elegia/vorpal from game ,or just let freya as it should be... (2nd solution)


dressme is also a solution but thats more like "starwars" ^^, is like magic ,LIKE SESAM DRESS ME ! so lol...

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