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L2Phoenix.com 25x


Unique subclass system

(1+1 same race - sub stack)

*Substack main and all 3 retails

**with non-stacking weapon and armor masteries

**supports retail canceling (will cancel substack associated with retail slot)

Offline Shops

Dyes + Unique Tattoos (better balance)

Unique client protection module

AUTO TvT Events

Wedding System

Fair Vote Reward system

Weekly GM Events







Features list will be getting updated with time. There are lots of more to come.


Website: www.l2phoenix.com

forum: http://forum.l2phoenix.com

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PhoenixGamingCo

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Thats awesome!



Yes,allowing people to play with classes like Ol/Es,Destro/Pala and Pr/Wl would ruin the server.

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