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[L2J] L2Acid


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PVP Server currently in open beta, planing to launch in about 1 week, depends on how the beta goes.





Global Gatekeeper

NPC Buffer

Noblesse Manager

Classmaster Cat


Autolearn Skill





XP: x500

SP: x500

Adena: x100




Safe Enchant: +10

Max Enchant: +20

Enchant Rate: 75%

Blessed Enchant Rate: 95%

On Normal Scroll Fail: Item will be destroyed.

On Blessed Scroll Fail: Item will be set to +0.


Crystal Scroll Use: Item must be +20 to be able to use crystal scroll on it. It will set the item to +25.




Epic Jewels Rate is x1, meaning epic bosses will drop only 1 jewel (100% chance for all).


Epic Bosses Respawn Times:


Valakas: 4d + 12h Window

Antharas 4d + 12h Window

Baium: 3d + 8h Window

Zaken: 2d + 4h Window

Ant Queen: 1d + 2h Window

Frintezza: 2d + 6h Window


All quest items you will need to meet those bosses can be bought through the GMShop.


Low level epic bosses (Queen Ant, Zaken, Core and Orphen) will not give exp on death. This way there will be no need to “delevel” characters on every kill (Zone mobs still give exp).




Olympiad Period ends every day 1 and day 15 of every month, this means new Heroes will be selected on days 1 and 15 of every month.


Hero Weapons will be automatically set to +25 when you equip them.


Zone Control:

There is a territory system made for clans. On every “Server Zone” (global gatekeeper offers you many teleports spots for these zones), there is a flag on a fixed spot. By killing this flag, your clan will gain the control of the zone, and will reward the clan with 10kk Adena on Clan Warehouse and 300 Clan Reputation Points every 5 minutes.


This zones are also good for farming adena, since they are high level zones with good rewarding monsters!




Soulshots, Spiritshots and Blessed Spiritshot dont get consumed on use.


Mana Potions can only be used when not in combat.


It is possible that a mob wich is level 75 or more respawns as a champion. This mob is stronger than normal and will drop medals, you can change those medals in shop for Life Stones and Book of the Giants.


Castle Battle event, Price a Head event.



We wait for you at http://www.l2acid.com !!!

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