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[PQR] Ultimate Rogue PvP Profile [With Video Trailer]


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Spell event framework Reacts to target/focus enemy spells cast at you, the trailer video only shows a sample of what is possible, includes well over a hundred prioritised spell counters:
  • Cloak Psychic Scream / Howl of Terror
  • Cloak Mortal Coil
  • Cloak Magical Stuns (Fist of Justice etc.)
  • Smoke Bomb Deep Freeze
  • Blind Deep Freeze
  • Blind Vanish
  • Instantly Stun/Sap trinkets, Bestial Wrath and other CC breaks
  • Gouge Hunter's Disengage (causes them to hilariously fall to the ground!)
  • Gouge stuns and other enemy CC
  • Gouge instantly when immunities like Ice Block/Deterrence end (if a Mage tries to be sneaky and cancels their Ice Block Early while you still have Shadow Dance up it will Garrote them!)
  • Shadowstep Warrior/Feral Charge
  • Uses defensive cooldowns instantly, including Feint for damage reduction
  • Dismantles enemy cooldowns instantly, like Dismantle Shadow Dance before enemy Rogue can even Cheap Shot
  • Can even instantly Shiv a healer's interrupt immunity so their next cast is increased by 100% (with Mind-Numbing Poison)
  • Plus much, much more!


[*] Burst Mode Burst mode toggle with multiple features:

  • Performs perfect/optimal burst rotations
  • Marked for Death support
  • Completely flexible, open on a target with Garrote or Cheap Shot, with Subterfuge or Shadow Focus and the rotation will adapt accordingly.
  • Uses burst cooldowns, DPS trinkets, engineering gloves and offensive racials
  • Energy Pooling before bursting
  • HaT logic, waits a fraction of a second for a 5th combo point
  • Overlaps stuns to perfectly stunlock enemy! No annoying gaps or enemies turning around
  • Immunity checks
  • Experimental auto Smoke Bomb in arenas (+normal Smoke Bomb toggle)
  • Auto Kidney Shot during burst (+normal Kidney Shot key)


[*] Lazy Mode Lazy mode toggle to automate your basic damage rotation:

  • Can be run independently from or simultaneously with Burst mode allowing you full or partial damage automation depending on your needs
  • Uses Backstab and Hemorrhage to build combo points
  • Maintains Slice and DIce
  • Maintains a bleed on the target for Sanguinary Vein
  • Option to only use Hemorrhage (faster combo point generation, also increases profile efficiency due to avoiding PQR_UnitFacing() call
  • Optional energy pooling to prevent ability spam and allow energy for Gouges/other CCs


[*] Visual on-screen and audible spell use alert system:




  • Uses in-game error and zone text frames for minimal overhead
  • Colour coded to make different spell alerts stand out (e.g. yellow for target, blue for focus)
  • Plays sound when an event occurs or you interrupt someone


[*] Original and powerful utility features:

  • Sap stealthed targets in duels, battlegrounds and arenas Instant event driven Saps, Saps before you can even see the target!
  • Instant target/Kick Psyfiend When a Priest casts Psyfiend it will instantly target, interrupt the Psyfiend and then re-target your previous target.
  • Spectral Guisé/Feign Death re-targeting When an enemy casts a spell which causes you to drop target it will re-target them for you! Priests won't expect you to target them so fast and will often try to cast a heal, at which point the profile will Kick them!
  • Auto Shadowstep Responds to enemy spells and gap openers within a fraction of a second (Blink, Displacer Beast, knock-backs like Shaman Thunderstorm, looks like you have crazy fast reaction time!)
  • Advanced defensive cooldown usage Uses Evasion and Combat Readiness during enemy cooldowns (including target, focus, arena1-5)
  • Disarm enemy cooldowns Uses Dismantle on enemy cooldowns (including target, focus, arena1-5)
  • Focus Sap out of combat targets automatically
  • Saps stealthies instantly if they try to re-stealth
  • Uses spare combo points on Slice and Dice/Recuperate when switching targets or target dies
  • Target and focus interrupts with customised anti-juke logic
  • Shadowstep target Kick
  • Configurable Shadowstep focus Kick


[*] Other features:

  • Easy to edit settings and keybinds
  • Recuperate below a certain health percentage
  • Feint dangerous casts automatically
  • Smart re-stealthing based on when you leave combat
  • Auto Gouge interrupt immunities
  • Auto Redirect when switching targets
  • Automatic poison application with talent change detection
  • Auto Healthstone below a certain health percentage
  • Pause key


[*] Planned post-release features Purchasing this profile guarantees you access to all future updates!

  • Full PQI integration
  • Advanced macro support allowing you to control the rotation from macros you can bind to any key, will include Gouge, Redirect>Kidney Shot and so on.
  • Auto flag return
  • Totem destruction
  • Paralytic Poison support (watch Paralytic stacks and auto Shiv root)
  • Shuriken Toss support (auto Shuriken Toss when rooted or out of range)



  • Currently only mandatory talent is Elusiveness because of the fact Feint is used often for the damage reduction, this could be made optional however.
  • Shadowstep is "encouraged" because of all the cool stuff you can do with it, Cloak and Dagger is supported, Burst of Speed is not integrated but can also be used.
  • Marked for Death is fully supported and is encouraged along with Subterfuge for maximum ownage in battlegrounds!


Premeditation/Slice and Dice macro:

/castsequence reset=20, Premeditation, Slice and Dice


Currently the user must initiate combat/open on a target, this is because static openers are always bad. A feature is planned which will allow the player to use an opener macro which tells the profile what opening ability to use and then initiates combat after using Premeditation/Slice and Dice!





Vitalic Elite Subtlety Rogue PvP Profile [v1.0 - Release Candidate]


Keybinds (edit settings ability to change):

- Pause Rotation: Left Shift

- Toggle Burst Mode: Left Alt

- Toggle Lazy Mode: Right Shift

- Kidney Shot: Left Control

- Smoke Bomb: Mouse Button 5

- Toggle Spell Events: Right Control


  • Opening Manually open on a target after putting up Slice and Dice with Premeditation, if possible you should time the usage of Slice and Dice roughly two seconds before opening so that the first energy tick coincides with your initial ability, at which point the profile will take over. You can open in any way you like (Cheap Shot, Garrote or even Ambush) and the profile will adapt accordingly.
  • Burst mode Burst mode can be toggled on and off (default Left Alt) and if your burst cooldowns are available it will use them (assuming you have a bleed up on the target, if not it will do this first)
  • Lazy mode Lazy mode can be toggled on and off (default Right Shift), use this when you want the profile to perform full automation of your damage rotation
  • Toggle spell events This will enable/disable the spell event framework, it was added as a safety mechanism, for example if someone accused you of cheating in a duel you could re-duel them again with events disabled to prove you are "legit".


Modifying keybinds

To change the default keybinds use the PQR ability editor to edit the -- Settings -- ability and alter the following table to your preference, a profile restart is required:

	-- Keybind configuration (edit here)
-- (options: LeftShift, LeftControl, LeftAlt, RightShift, RightControl, RightAlt, LeftMouseButton, RightMouseButton, MiddleMouseButton, MouseButton4, MouseButton5)
local binds = {
	-- Pause key
	pause  = "LeftShift",
	-- Burst mode key
	burst  = "LeftAlt",
	-- Events toggle key
	events = "RightControl",
	-- Kidney Shot key
	kidney = "LeftControl",
	-- Smoke Bomb key
	smoke  = "MouseButton5",
	-- Lazy Mode key
	lazy   = "RightShift",


Changing settings

To change the default settings use the PQR ability editor to edit the -- Settings -- ability and alter the following values to your preference, a profile restart is required:


  • Interrupt Delay Increase this number if your interrupts are missing
  • Recuperate HP Minimum HP to cast Recuperate
  • Healthstone HP Minimum HP to cast Healthstone
  • Burst Energy Energy required to begin burst rotation
  • Always Use Hemo Force the profile to avoid using Backstab
  • Lazy Mode Pooling Enable/disable energy pooling while Lazy mode is activated
  • Auto Redirect Enable/disable use of Redirect





  • Currently only English client is supported, although profile is already 90% cross-client compatible, let me know if there is demand for other clients!
  • Please provide an email address when purchasing the profile, this will be used to send out future profile updates
  • Please include in the Paypal seller instructions your forum username and email address as mentioned above. (Edit: currently my Paypal links are not letting people include instructions, please see the following bullet point)
  • If by some chance you forget, send me a private message or email with the information above as well as your Paypal transaction ID

I will aim to fulfil all orders within 2-3 hours (timezone permitting)


Questions? Send me a private message on here or if my inbox is full or do not otherwise reply email me at vitalicwow@eml.cc

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