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skills attributes

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its list of what skill what kind of atribute it has  ;D



          o Bleed

          o Critical Bleed (weapon SA)

          o Sting

          o Various monster bleed skills.

                + Drain skills that inflict bleed such as in Forest of the Dead are Bleed element, not Darkness.



          o Curse Death Link

          o Curse of Shade

          o Dark Vortex

          o Death Spike

          o Drain Energy

          o Gehenna

          o Judgment

          o Mass Curse of Shade

          o Shadow Flare

          o Shadow Spark

          o Steal Blood

          o Vampiric Claw

          o Vampiric Touch

          o various monster skills with the typical drain animation

          o There are several player skills which look like they should be Darkness but aren't. Be aware of this when an Overlord drains you for 1k damage even though you had Elemental Protection and Song of Invocation or whatever.


      Derangement (aka Mental, Charm - the name given is inconsistent)

          o Antharas' Fear and Debuff

          o Arcane Chaos

          o Aura Flash

          o Banish Seraph

          o Curse of Doom

          o Day of Doom

          o Forget

          o Horror

          o Lure

          o Mass Fear

          o Peace

          o Requiem

          o Seal of Mirage

          o Seal of Silence

          o Shield Slam

          o Silence

          o Song of Silence

          o Switch

          o Sword Symphony

          o Trick

          o Valakas' Fear

          o Veil

          o Monster skills that silence



          o Antharas' Breath (monster)

          o Dance of Medusa

          o Decay

          o Spoil (overenchanted only)

          o Spoil Festival (overenchanted only)



          o Antharas' Bite attack

          o Blaze

          o Blaze Quake

          o Blazing Circle

          o Boom Attack

          o Burning Fist

          o Chill Flame

          o Corpse Burst (summon)

          o Fire Vortex

          o Flame Strike

          o Freezing Flame

          o Frost Flame

          o Inferno

          o Prominence

          o Rain of Fire

          o Seal of Flame

          o Valakas' Breath, Tail and Meteor Storm attacks

          o Volcano

          o Wyvern Breath

          o various monsters, you can identify it easily by the casting animation

                + Includes when they explode



          o Disrupt Undead

          o Holy Strike

          o Light Vortex

          o Might of Heaven

          o Solar Flare

          o Solar Spark

          o Touch of Life



          o Anchor

          o Binding Cubic

          o Hold Undead

          o Lightning Strike

          o Magic Paralyze SA

          o many monsters paralyze



          o Corpse Plague

          o Critical Poison SA

          o Curse Poison

          o Poison

          o Poison Blade Dance

          o Poisonous Cloud

          o Seal of Poison

          o Toxic Smoke

          o Venom

          o various monsters, as long as the skill inflicts poison

          o Note: Viper Cubic is not considered Poison attribute and no skills, passives or armor set bonuses that have resistance to Poison will resist Viper Cubic.



          o Armor Crush

          o Bluff

          o Critical Stun SA <-does Resist Shock or Majestic reduce SA'd weapons' damage on a critical?

          o Cursed Strike

          o Hammer Crush

          o Shield Bash

          o Shield Stun

          o Shock Blast

          o Shock Stomp

          o Soul Breaker

          o Spark Cubic

          o Stun Attack

          o Stun Shot

          o Stunning Fist

          o Thunder Storm

          o Wild Stun (hatchling of wind)

          o various monster skills that do the telltale stun effect



          o Aqua Cubic

          o Aqua Splash

          o Aqua Swirl

          o Blizzard

          o Freezing Shackle

          o Freezing Strike

          o Frost Bolt

          o Frost Wall

          o Ice Dagger

          o Ice Vortex

          o Hydro Blast

          o Ice Bolt

          o Raging Waves

          o Summon Hydro Blast

          o various monsters use water skills



          o Cyclone

          o Demon Wind

          o Hurricane

          o Mega Storm Strike

          o Tempest

          o Twister

          o Wind Strike

          o Wind Vortex

          o lots of monsters have wind attacks. Surprised? I knew you would be.


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steal essence was earth-dark and now fire

bluff is mental+shock

afaik u can ressist in crit.stun SA

i think curse of doom/ancor is dark to...



So Bluff is shock or mental?


does buff Shock Resist stacks with Mental Shield to resist bluff?

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So Bluff is shock or mental?


does buff Shock Resist stacks with Mental Shield to resist bluff?

resist shock help for stun efect from bluff

and mental shild help for lose target ,turn back efect from bluff

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