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CTF , TVT ETC ... Preconfigured_Hellbound_Pack-by_xSystEmFrEak



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Well Thank you .


And another thing .. hOW can I make The ctf to start automatic without any gm online... like every hour  for example ?


on panel it should have Automatic and Manual then you configure the Event Time and Registration time and it run auto

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Yes but I want it every hour...

Event time = how long the event will be dear ...


as u can see on //tvt you see Join time .. this tells to the npc how many mins to be spawned so other can participate .. next its Event time .. this tells how many mins the event will run .. so i type to join time 5 and i setup all the tvt .. i press Auto Event and after 5 mins it will tp them and let them fight ... i hope i help you :)

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