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[CnC/RnC] My First signature ever

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I think that's waaaay too big for a signature. I'd make it smaller, especially height-wise. To something like a 100 px or 150 px at most maybe.

Maybe make the width a little smaller too, remember the higher the canvas size, the more space you'll have to fill for it not to look bland and/or empty.

Make the canvas width about.... 400px or 450px, as you see fit.

The background looks rather bland. I mean of course it does since it's only about one color :D But don't worry, that isn't an easy thing to do especially when you start and try to make something for the very first time.


Maybe try using pictures for your background, to fill it with something. Make sure the background colors fit with the render and don't distract too much.

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Yeah, as Drac said too big for signature.

Buddy I suggest you to re-look how to blend an image correctly I think you over-used some options.

Also, remember to decrease the opacity whenever you use blending options.

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