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Share How To Get More Riot Points With Less Money! 100% Legal!

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1st Get vodafone international sim card

2nd open lol market in your client

3rd choose payment method with australian dollars by your cellphone!!!


The price is much lower than using paysafe or smthing else...!!!!

and u can do it by yourself instead of paying some1 else for giving you rps !!

100% legal!!!


Wow!!! Searched a little more..!! you need to get an international phone number from australia!! maybe using e-bay helping you!! :)


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this not true... i check it and i see that is more expensive to buy with mobile phone than PSC  the Australian way that u say is just more cheap than other countries only if u go to buy with mobile... not PSC


so this is fail... more RP with less money is only Paysafe  nothing else.!!

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