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WTS L2J Auction House. Interlude Version

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This is an Auction House System. Its main purpouse is lower the quantity of offline clients and traders all over the cities. Also, it's a clean, fast way to buy and sell items

So basically, this would be a adaptation of the Goddess of Destruction Auction House: http://www.lineage2.com/en/game/patch-notes/goddess-of-destruction/new-items/auction-house.php





Its made to be used in the community server, and visually speaking, is as similar I could do it to the original


For the core part, everything is done dynamically by the system


The source is hidden, and its separate from everything. There are just calling functions for the community for you to add to your core


Every code I make, its always with the idea of performance and smoothness. Everything is optimized, reused, as simple as possible, dynamic, easy to use and clear to watch














Some features:

  • Selection of complete categories, entries or none of those
  • Sorting asc/desc by item name, item crystal type and item price
  • Dynamic tables construction, categories, entries, pages, names, pictures, elements
  • Dynamic condition checks for sorting every possible item in the right category
  • Error handling everywhere, to avoid crashes
  • Every value is automatically adjusted. Like minimum, maximum values, empty values. Also, when selling an item, the minimum is what shops gives you for that item, to avoid confusions
  • New purchase window, with extra informacion like the seller, price, count, final price, etc
  • The system tries to always avoid creating new items, it justs move the original items between containers, unless multiple owners appear
  • Support for searching items by name
  • Every parameter is saved between links, so nothing is lost if changing pages or using buttons
  • Config for setting if this system can be used outside peace zone, and for setting Sale Fees for each day. Default is 0.5% of the total value x day count
  • The item is automatically returned to its owner if is not sold in the set date
  • Every possible check is done before important functions like create an auction, buy an item, or cancel an auction
  • A simple datatable is created for saving item ids, owners and durations
  • Every important function is synchronized to avoid problems
  • Canceling an auction returns the items to your inventory. Purchasing gives the items to your inventory. Adena payments are sent to the seller directly to the inventory. Auctions finished send the items to the seller to the inventory
  • In contrast with retail, that you are forced to buy all the package (Example: 1000 of 1000 soulshots), here you can buy any quantity you like, from 1 to the maximum available
  • Originally, the maximum days that can be inputed for auction are 7, I expanded to 9






PD: The system is packaged, so just import and add just some codes. Its IP Binded also

PD: This version is for Interlude. It works on Acis


PD: If you have questions add me on skype. Same for the price




High Five Version: Auction House H5


Skype: elementalgames

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i can chose the coin ? example: can use gold bar. or work only with payment per adena?


Yes. If that's what you need, then you can change the coin. But only for the fee price



I have a market similar to this, in where you can choose between 2 methods of selling an item. :D


Very nice the one u did.


Thanks. One friend of mine made the design, based on the H5 Version

I just changed so things for the final result, not as beautiful as the other one, but still works really well



Edited the description and added the link for the High Five version, also updated both to the last revision

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New update:

  • Added support to dual item selection. So you can sell items for adena or with a special coin. Sale fee still in adena, but the formula changes if a coin is selected
  • There are no price conditions when coin is selected
  • Added a price limit due to interlude limits
  • Fixed the function that sent the item money to its owner when the item was sold
  • If the seller is online when the item is sold, we inform him of the sale and some extra info
  • Change the windows structure to support 2 items inventory count, and to change the item icon if a coin is selected
  • Fixed the issue that allowed the player to select its own sales
  • Fixed the issue that allowed the player to make multiples sales of the same stackable item, resulting in errors

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I'm putting this auction house version on sale again

I updated to the last rev of aCis and put all the updates and fixes that I made on the H5 version

So should work good and be easy to adapt between packs

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Posted (edited)

Hello, i would like to buy this.

I have already added your skype.

If you get a notice of my message here please get in touch with me.

Thank you in advance.

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