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Eu Nordic & East Account 30 Level!More informations inside!


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Hi all!

I want to sell one account on Europe Nordic & East Server 30 Level!

More Information:

Rank:Bronze Division IV

Champions: 60

Skins: 1(malphite Legendary Skin) And all Free Skins(Alistar,Tristana,Cassiopia)

Rune Pages: 9 (Not all of them complete See more Information on Photos!)

Price: 10 euro via PaySafe only!


Some Photos cauz i don't like lies!


width=1024 height=640http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188078/img/13188078.jpg[/img]

width=1024 height=642http://www1.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188079/img/13188079.jpg[/img]

width=1024 height=639http://www2.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188080/img/13188080.jpg[/img]

width=1024 height=639http://www4.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188082/img/13188082.jpg[/img]

width=1024 height=641http://www5.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188083/img/13188083.png[/img]

width=1024 height=639http://www1.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188084/img/13188084.jpg[/img]

width=1024 height=638http://www2.picturepush.com/photo/a/13188085/img/13188085.jpg[/img]

And 2 rune pages empty!


If you want to make a trade send me one pm here or add me skype to talk!

Skype ID: xleleqx

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Registration email?

Free transfer? If not,have u ever change legion?


I don't have registration email i change the registration email to my new one cauz i don't remember the old one but you can change email with password only needed so i can't take the account back(i check this before start this post)

Don't have free transfer and i never change legion!

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