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[CS&CSS][Guide] Binding And Unbiding Weapons

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Ok so I have seen threads created to bind keys for weapons with a program...


Well know i will teach you to bind weapons without needing any programs


So... this is like the packets in the shops in CS:S but cause they haven't got them in 1.6 you can bind them to one button so you can have a head start ;)




Step 1. Open Console(~) in-game

Step 2. Type: bind "The button you want ex: +" (weapon) ex: ak47;primammo;(pistol) ex: deagle;secammo"


So it should be something like this : bind "+" "ak47;primammo;deagle;secammo"


Here are the eqpuiment cause they are kinda difficult:


Kevlar = vest

Kevlar and helmet = vesthelm

Flashbang = flash

HE/Hand grenade = hegren

Smoke grenade = sgren

Nightvision = nvgs

Defusal kit = defuser

Shield = shield


Now you only need to know how to unbind them...


Step 1. Open Console(~) in-game


Example: unbind + (unbinds all the bindings on the + button)


I Made this guide cause i know many ppl don't know how to do this including me a couple of months ago so decided to share it :P






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