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03 Good Vs Evil Info



-=Server Info =-


Good vs Evil Mode

Anti feed protection system

New players have full xp/sp and the subclass full lvl

Aio Item: that you can Augment,enchant skills,See top pvp,Load buffs,Server info

Java GK that change the pvp places every 1 hour

Java buffer with save Button and Load + Manual (Buffs dont have time limit)

Donater buffer that buffs you for a special item with full buffs

Clan flags: Every 3lvl clan, can spawn or delete they flags ( spawn point )

Special hero system + hero item

Town war with guards and capture flag

Enchantment with pvp points


Shows pvp points in char tittle and much more!!


-=Enchant rates=-


Max :16


Enchant Rate:90%


-=Information about our Engine=-


What is Good vs Evil?

Good vs Evil is the first faction player vs player system/ server mod created for a Lineage 2 Private Server.

Players are split into two opposing sides (Good & Evil).These factions are united to fight the opposing side and capture the various towns and castles within the Lineage world.

Owning different percentages of the zones will reward your faction with certain benifits.


-=Game dificult=-

In this server: items prices are high, if newbie players killed old players ( more stronger ) they get more reward

and other conditions are such as to constitute a long and interesting game.


-=GvE Heroes=-

Every  week the 5 top killers from every Faction will be heroes


-=Clan flags=-

Every 3lvl clan, can spawn or delete they flags ( spawn point ).


-=Why does my character have Seal of Ruler and Builld Headquarters?=-

These two skills are giving to every character in the world:

Seal of Ruler is used to capture towns and castles.

Build Headquarters allow a clan to build a mobile spawnpoint almost wherever they like.


-=How do I capture a zone?=-

How do I capture a zone?

In the every towns zone are Flag, which the attacers can use on them the Seal of Ruler skill.


-=Voice Commands=-

.info <information about your character

.stat <map stats


-=Server Machine-=

Intel® Core™ i7-975 Quad-Core inkl. Hyper-Threading-TechnologieArbeitsspeicher 12 GB DDR3 RAMFestplatten 3 x 1500 GB SATA-II HDD Linux: Software-RAID 5 Windows: Software-RAID 1Netzwerkkarte 1 GBit OnBoard mit 100 MBit-AnbindungBackup Space 100 GBTraffic Unlimited*



http://l2reality.com/ Server Patch ~~> http://www.mediafire.com/download/orcwa40c3s5a7av/Lineage%5D%5BReality_Patch_v3.rar Server forum ~~> http://www.l2reality.com/forum/

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