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Guide How To Crack Your Photoshop

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Hello fellas....

At this guide i wanna show in 4 steps how we can crack our photoshop with a cracked .dll file.This file is working both for windows x32 and x64.

NOTE:You must have your antivirus turned off in order to crack your PS.

Step one:

Download the .dll file from here

Step two:

Go to where you have your photoshop folder.Open it you will see your files.Something like this


Step three:
Ingore the sub folders and take instantly the .dll file you just downloaded and paste down to the sub folders.A questions will be appeared.....


(for non greek people just ingore the question,it doesn't matter) and you just press continue.

Step four:
And that's all ust scroll down and press the icon of photoshop nnnmoj.png and be creative....

That was a simple guide but some people may not know how to do it.

Credits for the guide are mine
Credits for the cracked file go to Curse designs. Edited by SectoneART

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