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Characters In Private PvP Server L2Aeron H5

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L2 Aeron  www.l2aeron.com



1) Phoenix Knight full ++ skills, max enchant and top armor + vesper noble masterwork. All max enchanted and max attributed. Weapon is uncluded too.

2) Soultaker Full + skills, elegia armor max enchanted and elemented. Weapon is unluded too.

3) Hell knight same as the phoenix knight above

4) Cardinal skills max enchanted and armor max enchanted and elemented. 3 weapons max enchant and element with active skills for olympiad

5) Titan with vesper noble masterwork or elegia heavy both max elemented and attributed. 2 weapons max enchanted and elemented( blunt+sword)

6) GH with vorpal light max elemented and enchanted. Skills max enchanted too. Dagger echanted and elemented max+ passive augment focus.

All Characters above have their items PvP made. Also they will be given with one extra custom cloak and some adena for further buys.

Price for each character is 20 euro (negotiable) via paysafe only.

The characters can also be traded for characters/items on L2Sexi server.

Leave a message or add me in skype (bozak10) Serious Offers Please. NO INTENTION OF STEALING!


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