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Maxcheaters.com SMF to VBulletin

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We are thinking about moving Maxcheaters.com board from SMF (Simple machines forum) to VBulletin board. The new version of 5.0 has a lot of features , plugins, skins , and very good support.


The problem is the funding of the migration/update. The total cost of this is 249$ or 202€ , and the only way for this to be done, is to raise this ammount from members by donations.


If you want to participate, make a payment at "admin@maxcheaters.com" by paypal, with a tag "maxcheaters.com donation - vBulletin"


Your names will be announced in this topic, and you will get VIP/Donator Status also (for 8€ and 20€)

You will get your negative karma cleared also!



Minimum: 0,10cent

Max: 202,00 €



1. Mochuelo 8 €

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