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[L2J] L2Midway.com Mid Rate Server X90 [START: 25/05/2013 ] [HOT]!!!!!

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Sorry for taking so long to reply, I can't seem to understand your English.

Telling me to get a life just shows everyone how desperate you are, because you don't know what else to say.

Here's the deal, I'll call you Mr. Bot from now on because you suck so much at playing that you can't even click F1 to spam a skill.

You should be ashamed of yourself. You're not good at anything. Later in life this is what might happen to you, you'll get a girl and other dudes will get her pregnant, then you might ask her "Baby, why did you do it?" and she will reply with "It's something you can't understand".




hey mr 24/7 online just go cry me a river pls

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502 Bad gateway on server start :)) GG fake server spreading a virus :)

Few mins ago it was infected , after new patch https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/c7bbc31be4a80345952a8a65687d830b104799ceefa2a8097d18db1929f4953f/analysis/1369493940/ , now that looks too clean if u have protection against boots as u sayd then there got to be 1 fake positive , but ofcurse u crypted it didant you.

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