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Items-Chars L2 Mafia StuckSubs(04)&KoofsVsNoobs(02)

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I would like to trade my char/items on l2 mafia,for other chars on L2 Mafia(Ken Orwen Only!) / L2 Elite or ONLY Paysafe Cards , Now i accept PAYPAL and Pay Safe Cards

Char on 02  with :


Arcane Agillity (Summoner's Skill) stuck on zaken +21

Item Skill Shield Lv 10 Active

Item Skill Magic Barrier Lv 10 Active

Item Skill Wild Magic Lv 10 Active

Item Skill Agillity Lv 10 Active

Item Skill Ritual Lv 10 Active

Item Skill Focus Lv 10 active


Items :

Dynasty Robe Armor (+21 full set)

Valakas , Zaken , QA (+21)

Baium (+25)

Dusk (+25)

Dynasty Magic Shord (+21) with Empower Passive :P


And Dominator On Sub-Classes


Char On 04 (Fighter)  with :


Extra Sub Dominator

Extra Skill Dodge


Items :

Legency PvP Armor (+21)

Dynasty Hammer (+35)

Valakas (+23)

Antharas , Baium (+24)


Both Characters are on the same account , price is really low and negotiable

P.S : I won't give items first, and if you agree to pay first you will take the items when I'll get the money.


My Videos on Koofs Vs Noobs (It's a bit oldie anyway) :





Account is really cheap only 25 euro for Paypal and 30 for Paysafe

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