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Work @ MaxCheaters.com and get paid!

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MaxCheaters.com® Paid Services are now available!!



Now you can work at MaxCheaters.com and get paid instantly. How it works? Well its simple. You help in a special section the other's people requests and get paid. Let me be more specific:


- A Special section called "Paid Services" will be opened for everyone.

- A Special paid group called "SVIP" will be created which will be monthly payment.

- A Special group called "Supporter" will be created and staffers in it will be paid.


So lets start:


a. A member needs support for Lineage 2 Developing, creating, troubleshooting, information of whatever else . He then posts at "Paid Services" with a topic called "i need help at Java/mysql" .

b. A supporter MUST reply to this member and resolve his problem . After the request is solved, is marked as "solved" . A supporter will be paid monthly and it will depend on the ammοunt of "SVIPs" OR the ammοunt of "solved issues" are done by him per month.



Supporters will be chosen at the test period , which means that the special section "Paid Services" will work for free for the first and maybe the second month.

SVIPs will have VIP permissions plus Paid Services access!

SVIPs can post as many questions are they want at their paid period.



** edit**

Paid Services will start as "Paid Services (GFX Zone)" , "Paid Services (LineageII)" , and ""General Paid Services" .





Lets say there are currently 50 active SVIP for this month and 3 Supports.

50 SVIPs will have pay 20€ x 50 = 1000€

3 Supporters will get the 80% of the profit split at 3.

So each supporter for the current month will get 1000€ - 80% = 800€ / 3 = 266€

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