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Karma Wipe + New Rules!

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Karma wipe will be done at 01:15 (Greek Time) and there will be new rules:


- More restricted Karma rules .

- Positive Karma (Reputation) can only be given to usefull shares which are unique and not re-shared .

- Positive Karma (Reputation) cannot be given to personal messages, friends and without reason.

- Negative Karma (Reputation) will be given to members who dont follow the Maxcheaters.com rules.

- Total -5 Karma means permanent ban.

- Total +30 Karma gives you free VIP Membership and a big opportunity to become a staffer.

- Potential Staffers will be only members with +5 karma at least.

- Changed Settings: Minimum posts needed to modify karma Set wait time in hours from 2 Hours to 1 Hour.

- Changed Settings: Set the minimum posts needed to modify karma from 200 to 500.

- Changed Settings: Staffers and VIPs can ONLY change karma.

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