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E/U/N/E - Account Gold V 90 Points Cheap Price - Trusted ( 20 Euros Only )

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Hello, People i wanna sell you my Personal Account :)



Skins Owned: Hot Rod Corki ,  Toxic Dr. Mundo , Gladiator Draven <3 , DreadKnight Garen ,  Vandal Jax , Assassin Master Yi , Chosen Master Yi , Galactic Nasus , Chrome Rammus , Dryad Soraka , High Noon Twisted Fate , White Mage Veigar , Viscero Xin Zhao - Thats all :)


Also im not Adc Fav Player i like to play Off Tank Players my main + Firist champ was Nasus to strong cool in Jungle awesome in ganks Easy Farming and really a good champion Enjoy :)





width=1024 height=525http://img543.imageshack.us/img543/3146/93a13833acab4b8483ace9b.png[/img]

width=1024 height=510http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/7994/32e8a60ba61a48db93907fe.png[/img]

width=1024 height=490http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/1161/260a74dc681d472a827e737.png[/img]

width=1024 height=514http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/2962/388c21359d1d448daa6d4b7.png[/img]



i will not go Firist if u have 50-100 Posts Only to Trusted Members :) we can talk about price send me a pm thanks <3



Also per one ranked game you take 35 Points account new not much ranked games Enjoy.

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Does it come with register mail ?


i have forgot my registration email i bored to play League of legends i have to finish a lot of works in my real life thats why i sell my account :)

dont worry im not any kid to Trying to scam someone also you can ask people about me :)

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u can say just price start from 20e


so we can talk...


rules of forum man!!


why i have to add u skype or send u pm.. etc ??


just say a starting price its simple!


Maximun Price 30 Euros .

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