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interlude [L2j] Lineage ][ Legendary Cynder x100 (unknown launch day)


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Trt3NDx.pngXP Rate: 100x

Trt3NDx.pngSP Rate: 100x

Trt3NDx.pngAdena Rate: 300x

Trt3NDx.pngSpoil Rate: 2x

Trt3NDx.pngDrop Rate: 3x

Trt3NDx.pngSafe Enchant : +3

Trt3NDx.pngWeapon Max Enchant : +16

Trt3NDx.pngArmor Max Enchant : +16

Trt3NDx.pngJewels Max Enchant : +16

Trt3NDx.pngNormal Scroll : 65%

Trt3NDx.pngBlessed Scroll : 75%





Trt3NDx.pngAuto-Learn Skills

Trt3NDx.pngBalanced Classes

Trt3NDx.pngWedding System

Trt3NDx.pngClan Hall System

Trt3NDx.pngNo Clan Penalty

Trt3NDx.pngCastle Siege System

Trt3NDx.pngNo Weight Penalty

Trt3NDx.pngGrade Penalty

Trt3NDx.pngSub-Class System

Trt3NDx.pngHero System

Trt3NDx.pngDuel System

Trt3NDx.pngAugmentation System

Trt3NDx.pngAll Noblesse Skills

Trt3NDx.pngAll Hero Skills

Trt3NDx.pngAll Augmentation Skills

Trt3NDx.pngRetail-Like Enchant Skills System

Trt3NDx.pngEvery Buff / Dance / Song / Chant Lasts 2 Hours

Trt3NDx.pngC4 / C5 / Interlude Skills

Trt3NDx.pngInterlude Skills 99% Working

Trt3NDx.pngAll C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters

Trt3NDx.pngAll C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations

Trt3NDx.pngUnstuck Command 15 seconds

Trt3NDx.pngProtection Spawn 7 seconds





Trt3NDx.pngCustom NPC Announcer

Trt3NDx.pngServer  Info NPC

Trt3NDx.pngTop Players List NPC Info

Trt3NDx.pngCustom Gatekeepers

Trt3NDx.pngGlobal Gatekeeper

Trt3NDx.pngClan Raid Boss Teleporter

Trt3NDx.pngRaid Boss Teleporter

Trt3NDx.pngEpic Boss Raid Informer

Trt3NDx.pngCastle Siege Teleporter

Trt3NDx.pngVote Shop

Trt3NDx.pngGm Shop

Trt3NDx.pngTown Buffer

Trt3NDx.pngScheme Buffer

Trt3NDx.pngWedding Manager

Trt3NDx.pngLife Stone Trader

Trt3NDx.pngClass Manager

Trt3NDx.pngDyes Manager

Trt3NDx.pngDonation Manager






Trt3NDx.png1) Cave Of Trials: Safe Farm Area

Trt3NDx.png2) School Of Dark Arts: Farm Zone

Trt3NDx.png3) Abandoned Coal Mine: Farm Zone

Trt3NDx.png4) Primeval Isle: PVP Zone 1

Trt3NDx.png5) Primeval Wharf: PVP Zone 2

Trt3NDx.png6)Pavel Ruins: Moonstone Farm Zone

Trt3NDx.png7)ACM:Spoil (Life Stone) Farm Zone

Trt3NDx.png8)Crypt Of Disgrace: Moirai Farm Zone

Trt3NDx.pngCustom Starting level

Trt3NDx.pngCustom Spawn for new characters

Trt3NDx.pngAIO Buffer

Trt3NDx.pngCustom Events

Trt3NDx.pngTvT Event

Trt3NDx.pngCTF Event

Trt3NDx.pngDM Event

Trt3NDx.pngTW Event.

Trt3NDx.pngEvents every 2 hours.

Trt3NDx.pngVote Coin

Trt3NDx.pngCustomized Cloak: Mage Cloak / Fighter Cloak | HP/CP +1000

Trt3NDx.pngMoirai Armors

Trt3NDx.pngMoirai Coin

Trt3NDx.pngCustom Messenger in every 5 pvp kill in row

Trt3NDx.pngCustom Legend aura for 20 kills in a row

Trt3NDx.pngPvP Color System

Trt3NDx.pngRaid Boss Respawn Announce





Trt3NDx.png.deposit / .withdraw




Trt3NDx.pngOlympiad Battles time - from 18:00 To 00:00(GMT +2).

Trt3NDx.pngOlympiad Period - 1 week.

Trt3NDx.pngNew heroes appears  every  Tuesday 12:00(GMT+3).

Trt3NDx.pngMaximum enchant in olympiad: +16.





p.s. im not the owner.

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Not even close..


Also, I see nothing here. These servers, can stay online only few days.


Good luck!


I dont know what else they will add, anyway ^^

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