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[L2J]La2Grind:Reborn Start Date 2013.04.12 19:00GMT+2

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Acount Control Panel: http://Cp.L2-Grind.Com

Website: http://L2-Grind.Com

Forum: http://l2-grind.com/forum/

La2Grind: Reborn server starts at 2013.04.12 19:00 GMT+2 Start Time Counter will be added shortly




Chronicle: Interlude


XP: x75

SP: x75

Party XP and SP: x2

Adena Drop rate: x70

Drop Items rate: x30

Drop SealStones rate: x2

Spoil rate: x40

Drop Manor rate: x3

Drop Quest rate: x13

Quests Reward rate: x10(not for all)

DropRaidBoss: x15.




Enchant Max: +16

Enchant Safe: +3

Simple Enchant Rates: 66%

Bessed Enchant Rates: 66%




100% working skills and quests

100% working Clan Hall and Castle siege

100% working all Raid / Grand Bosses (stats, AI)

Working cursed weapons system.

Class change Auto at (20,40,76 LvL table).

100% working augmentation (active, passive, chance)

Subclass without quest.

Auto Learn Skills.

New Geodata, fully working.

Npc buffer (not all buffs), 24+4 Buff slot for a balance.

Scheme buffer.

7Signs teleporter.

GM-shop, full items till B grade.

Noblesse quest shortened(you can buy caradine letter 65lv in gm shop for 500kk).

Offline shop.




Antharas spawn 72+2 Hours


Valakas 96+2 Hours


Baium 72+2 Hours


Zaken 40+1 Hours


Ant Queen 23+1 Hours


Orfen 23+1 Hours


Core 20+2 Hours


Frintezza 48+1 Hours


Barakiel 5 Hours


Ketra/Varka Ally 12+2


All left raidbos respawn retail like




Retail like olympiad system.

Olympiad period - 1 Weeks.

Olympiad starts at 18:00 and ends 24:00 GMT+2

Heroes Change Every Monday

Validation period 12h




.online – Check out how many people are playing now.

.offline to set up offline shop in game


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