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[L2J] L2 Dale PVP (Live) a Fresh Start!


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Website: http://www.l2dale.com


Quick Description:

* Xp/sp: X1000

* Adena: X2000

* Max Enchant: +10

* Safe Enchant: +3

* Enchant Rate: 30%

* 24+4 Buff Slots

* 12 Dance/song Slots

* Maximum Attribute Level: 7

* Attribute Enchant Chance: 30%

* Augmentation Skill Chance: 30%

* Auto Learn Skills

* Unlimited Buff Duration

* No Buff Loss On Death

* Premium H5P5 Geodata

* Raid Bosses With Drops

* No Custom Items

* No Masterwork Items

* No Subclass Certifications

* No Clan Penalties

* Blessed Scrolls Of Escape Disabled During Pvp

* Quick Healing Potions Disabled During Pvp

* Weekly Olympiad Period

* Retail Like Sieges/territory Wars

* Buyable Noblesse Status

* 5 Subclass Slots

* Maximum Subclass Level: 85

* Leveling & Farming Areas

* Unlimited Vitality

* Easy Leveling Up

* Easy Farming

* Auto Tvt Event

* Epic Grand Bosses Respawn Every 12h

* Luxury Gk - Gm Merchant Npc's

* Scheme Buffer Npc

* Pk Killer Npc

* Boss Status Manager Npc

* Class Manager Npc

* Top Pvp Ranking Npc

* Class Manager

* Adena & Ancient Adena Based Economy

* Vote Reward Engine

* International Community

* 99% Uptime

* Stable/no Lag

* Dedicated Server

* Experienced Team


NOTE: Features not mentioned above are most likely to be retail like.


Website: http://www.l2dale.com

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How can ppl call x30 PvP? Its farm, farm and more farm for exp and items..

I completely get what you mean but in this server you wont need to do instances or raids in order to get the best items (unless you want), you just need adena wich there will be plenty of ways to aquire without much effort.
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Added Attribute Stones,Crystals,Jewels,Energies and Greater Dyes on the grocery shop in giran. (For adena of course)


Also id like to add that the prices are adjusted in such way so that nothing is overpriced.


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First post updated with final features. Also the server development is over, now we are entering a testing phase. Once the testing phase is over we will announce an opening date.

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On pvp, after buffs getting canceled, they will return after some time? (outside olympiad)

you can now resist cancel, that means no more loosing 5 buffs all the time. It used to be broken but recently it was fixed.
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