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L][String x20 High Five!


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XP Rates : 20

SP Rates : 20

Adena Drop Rates : 25

Spoil Drop Rate : 20

Quest Drop Rates : 10

Quest Reward Rate : 2

DropItems Rate = 20

SafeEnchant = 4

MaxEnchant = 20




*Implemented the High Five changes.


*Implemented the new epic quest chain Seven Signs High Five!


*Implemented Dragon Valley / Lair of Antharas, Antharas, Watcher of Tomb and Valakas on HF

*Olympics (High Five) - 100% implementation.


*Implemented Global Buffer & Community Board (use it with ALT+B).


*Implemented offline trades & offline craft.


*All data (NPCs, pets, characters, items, etc.) correspond to the official server.В


*Implemented Ingame Vote Rewards System.


*Auction Items.


*Implemented all the siege (elite) clan hall






*Fixed AutoAccountCreation


*Certification Retail Way


*Added Protection against Hacking tools






*SumielInstance & Much More!!!




Friendly Community*


Friendly Staff*


Great Gameplay*


Server Site: www.l2string.com

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