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School laptop 2013 hack please help

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I've seen few posts about people gaining access to administrator but all them ways have been blocked on these new laptops, i was wondering if anyone would know a way.

C4n you tell me wh4t O$ doe$ it h4ve? $o I help?


If it'$ W7/W8, go :


$t4rt > cmd > type > lusrmgr.msc > 4dmini$tr4tor> uncheck if it'$ di$4bled.


Come b4ck if doe$n't work.

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its win7 and i got a error


"The snap-in below, referenced in this document, has been restricted by policy. Contact your administrator for details.

Local users and groups."

$eem$ to be well protected. It would be 4 w4$te of time if I $t4rt gue$$ing. It would be much e4$ier if I h4d it in front of me.


Wh4t 4re you trying to do ex4ctly? Wh4t re$triction$ h4ve they put on it?

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ill be honest i don't really know , for restrictions they basically made it unable to run .exe files, install files and startup repair.




CMD>regedit>HKEY_CURRENT_U$ER>$oftw4re>Micro$oft>Window$>CurrentVer$ion> THEN > Find ''Run'', right click on it> Permi$$ion$> 4dd right$

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try ophcrack(google it, it's on sourceforge). Burn it to a CD/dvd/usb, press f8 in bootup to choose your boot device. Let it run. If your IT is any good they would of changed their security, otherwise tada, you now know the admin password they originally used.


This is illegal unless it's your hardware, so don't get caught.

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