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WTB [Official NA] OTHELL Rogue lvl 95-99 - Paying GOOD. | wtb iss enchanter

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I'm interested in buying an Othell rogue (Dark Elf) on any NA servers.


Looking for something around lvl 95-99, full geared but i'll be looking in to anything lower too.

I'm mostly interested in the level and race, i'm ready to pay a good price for anything nice..




Interested in a Iss Enchanter too. Nothing special, just a buffer.



PM me with info / price

I'll use a middle man from mxc (If i can find one.) since i don't strike like a trusty person.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hello neither do i have + reputation but however i could give everything to a friend of mine and u wil probaly trust him ^^


iss enchanter 95 lvl  42%


cool looking orc fighter i used destiny stone on him

did subbclass quest it has a subbclass lvl 51 treasure hunter




NAIA server

normal name



has birthday potions - 17

vitality mataining potions - 6 (3x 30 min) (3x 1 hour)

viltality brithday cakes - 6

PC vitality (1 hour) - 13

vitality recovery potion - 2

XP rune's - 50% 5 hours & 100% 3 hours

Mentee coins - 16,562

Energy of destruction - 170


skill enchanted all sonatas +2

dual wepon mastery +2


has full immortal equipment/jewels twilight neclace


for the right price its urs no bullsh1t no scam

i am looking for adena's


Othell Rogue (wil make it 95) he needs 5% more

has basic immortal equipment armor/wepon has attribute 150+ stone in invetory rddy to be used

some skills enchanted

has some items in WH alot of mentee coins 10K+ if i remember



Price is up to u...

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