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hellbound L2Off Final H5 server with best russian server pack.(500Euro For pack)


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In 2-3 days our domain will be ready and we will have our original site




Why should you play here?


If you don’t like the way how Lineage 2 quickly changed to Lineage 2: Goddes of Destruction, then welcome here.

We prefer the old good High5 chronicle retal-like features with no high rate custom crap (like custom areas, drops, GM shops etc.)


What can you find here?


Vitality system – retail like

Fame system – retail like

Olympiad jewelry – retail like

Attribute system (max. 120 armor / 300 weapon) - retail-like

Jewelry augmentation – retail like

Herb system – retail like

Teleports until level 40 for free


High5 Items like:


Common items

Foundation items

Dual daggers









Isle of Prayer


Seed of Infinity

Seed of Destruction




Pagan Temple


Server settings:


Exp rate – 20x

SP rate – 20x

Adena – 20x 100%

Seal stones - 20x 100%

Drop rate chance - 20x

Drop a-beep-t - 1x - 10x (only for materials)

Spoil rate chance – 20x

Spoil a-beep-t - 1x - 10x (only for materials)

Quest adena rate - 10x

Quest exp rate - 10x

Quest item rate - 3x, 5x, 10x

Knight's Epaulette drop a-beep-t - 1-3x

Ancient Tome Of The Demon drop a-beep-t- 1-3x

First class transfer for 100 000 adenas

Second class transfer quest (Good Works Reward)

Newbie buffs until level 75

Buff, dance, song time – retail like

Offline shop

Events – info about events on web and forum

TvT system - Last Team Standing, Team Death Match


Special commands


.expstop - Stop gain experience

.expstart - Start gain experience

.menu - Show menu with special commands

.offline - Start Offline Shop (for 10 000 adena)

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