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interlude L2Gordon New Custom PVP Free Server


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L][Gordon PvP Server...

Server Rates

Experience: 5000x

Skill Points: 5000x

Adena Drop: 5000x

Item Drop: 1x

Spoil: 1x

Enchant Rates

Safe Enchant: +20

Max Enchant: +20

Enchant Rate: 100%

Retail-Like Systems

Auto-Learn Skills.

Wedding System.

Clan System.

Clan Hall System.

No Clan Penalty.

Castle Siege System.

No Weight Penalty.

No Grade Penalty.

Retail-Like Olympiad System.

Sub-Class System.

Noblesse System.

Noblesse Skills 100% Working.

Hero System.

Hero Skills 100% Working.

Duel System.

Augmentation System.

Augmentation Skills Active And Passive 100% Working.

Retail-Like Enchant Skills System.

Fishing System.

Spawn Protection 20 sec.

C4 / C5 / Interlude Skills 99% Working.

C4 / C5 / Interlude Monsters 99% Working.

C4 / C5 / Interlude Locations 100% Working.

Cursed Weapons Zariche and Akamanah 100% Working.

Raid Bosses Respawned Daily.

Class Changing System.

Custom Features

Worldwide Gatekeeper, Including All the Custom Zones.

GM Shop selling everything you need.

NPC Buffer

Special Shop, trading many Special Items.

Special Raid Boss Informer.

Special Armor

Custom Mask

Custom Shield

Customized Dungeons

Balanced Classes.

Custom Farm Zones

Custom coins

Customized Raid Bosses - Auto Spawned at specific Time

Announcement of the top enchanted items.

Announcement of kills in a row.

Special settings to protect the server from corruption.

Custom reputation item.

Teleport protection from flagged players.

Custom Vote Reward System.

Vote Reward System: Hopzone/Topzone

Reward: Every 5 Votes 10 Vote Item


Custom TVT Event

(Top killer earns bigger prizes)

Custom CTF Event

Custom Strider Race Event

Custom Lucky Chest Event

Many Custom Events with Special Prizes Daily.

Olympiad system

Olympiad start 18:00 and end 01:00

Hero Change Every 1 weeks

Validation period 12h

Anti-Feed System !

Costum Commands

Banking System (.deposit / .withdraw)

Away System (.away / .back)

Olympiad System (.joinoly / .leaveoly)

CTF Event (.joinctf / .leavectf)

Protections Cisco ASA 5500 (Network Build)

L2 Wallker Protection

Spawn Protection:20 Sec

Olympiad Protection

Events Protection

L2Net Protection

L2Boot Protection




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