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Tyrants pre-zealot in OLY, the ultimate thread.

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Ok i've played this fucking game for like 7 years, both private and retail, played every class, gosu etc.


ATM since retail failed with GoD i'm playing a private high five server for some fun on a tyrant.



What i wanna know is how this guy pre-zealots has his 1st buff before anything else and KEEPS HIGH HP. From analysing the movie here's what i can tell: he's on +5str -5con +4wit -4int. He uses tallum (-2con) conversion weap,  then switches to doom heavy (+6?) and health weap, possibly +4 shirt HP and zealots.


The thing here is he doesn't use BTB till afterwards and his HP is maxed (i believe his fists are focus tho. His armor is VORPAL LIGHT). I've seen good russian tyrants in oly starting with zealot but with low hp afterwards.


Also don't know if his skills enchant are +duel or +fire. So i'm requesting assistance of ppl that really know they'r game.

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Talismans/augments can restore HP


Yes, there's  a (weak) talisman that restores HP and not MP. Then there's the all around loved "life force" talisman that restores MPP and HP. But if you watch the movie (both parts) you see he isn't using it (in my opinion at least).


+HP Augments restore very little HP, especially when talking about chars with ++CON.

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They are many things that he may do,remove shirt,mby he has rbs too.. I didnt watch the video yet but anyway,what kind of assistance you need?


The kind of assistance i need is learning how to pull it off! I've watched other ruskies tyrants oly movies from High Five (the chronicle i'm playing, you know the one before they ruined the game with GoD) and they did zealot as LAST of buffs and played with low HP.


He has some epics yes but not Valakas, teh one that really helps (hp bonus). His 1st buff is zealot (doesn't matter, lasts 2 minutes when enchanted +30)

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