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Code Zodiac Event Engine

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Please bare with me on this one! :forever alone like a boss:

So here it is an event engine named Zodiac

currently contains 5 events(to be expaned)

  • CaptureThem
  • CastleWars
  • PeloponnesianWar
  • ProtectTheLeader
  • Treasure Chests


  • Bug fixes(from the separate events)
  • ip protection system
  • Time between events
  • Initial start timer
  • config about the reward that the players will be recieving

You know how the event engines work so i won't make a big ass desicription, although pictures will follow once i get unbored from coding enjoy!



-Yes i will update it with mor events bug fixing

-it is coded in l2jhellas but it is easily editable i won't help with bugs caused by your adoption proccess


http://www.4shared.com/office/mjvhqE0X/ZodiacV4.html?  V4



:not bad: :not bad:


V2 Version:

Bug fixin in Peloponnesian War
Protectors Optimized
Voting method optimized(will help feature updates)
Html work
Moved htmls to zodiac folder


V3 Version:

Added the same ip protection config
Hard coded 2 htmls the voting one and the total votes
Now after you vote an html will pop up with all the votes!
(Pictures added)


V4 Version:

PeloponnesianWar bug fixed reported by Liquix
New event added (Treasure Chests)
Added config on how many minutes should the voting take place
Small reworks!




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Good Job :) Addapt and work perfect for frozen now test events.


Anyone have idea how delete IP Protection? :) Thanks and great job

Just set it to false...

where is problem in capturethem event, when player dies he is not auto ressed in that zone

after you press to vilage he will be ressed in that zone..


Also thanks for your kind words!

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