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Hm...Some1 know whats the problem with my l2phx

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well my l2phx works perfectly ( im talking about enchant)

on l2core i made all weapons easyly to +25...(made log with = use item , sendwarenhouse ,enchant item)


but now im on l2synergy (energy15x) and i tryed many sh1ts but it dont works , weapons break and dont get sended to wh anyway... some1 know why or knows how to fix it?


thx for helping replys.  :-*

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Here is the right section to post your question:



L2phx don't work on most servers so deal with it man...


thx :)


but i think it could work there cause it enchants my weapon and it gives me the okay to do it, the only problem i see is simply that it dont sends my weapon to wh after enchant... :/

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