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interlude [L2J]Lineage 2 Silent Feet 2 days till start


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Welcome , Welcome dear Lineage 2 Gamer

Lineage 2 Silent Feet is a BRAND NEW PvP Interlude Server !

With nice features, daily Fixes and Updates and with nice GM´s.



LIVE START: 2013-02-08



( Network Page ( currently on edit )


-> http://www.icrash-games.eu/Lineage/Silent-Feet/board/index.php?page=Portal





We prepared for you a little Beta Phase

Server Test Day: 2013-02-01 (14:00 gmt+0)

and ofc. wer prepared for you a little gift.


LIVE START  2013/02/08



The Best three test players (by pvp) will get mini reward on server Live start.  :y:


Let´s Start the introduce





    Xp,Sp,Drop,Spoil - x1

    Quest Reward,Drop - x1

    Player Items Drop - x0




    Karma Drop Limit - x10

    Karma Drop Rate - 40%

    Karma Drop Equiment - 30%

    Karma Drop Weapon - 10%




    Mid Grade LS - 3%

    High Grade LS - 5%

    Top Grade LS - 10%

    Any Augment Increase 10% Stats (For Example, Might - Increases 10% of P Atk)

    Active Augment Skills Re Use - 2,2 sec

    Life Stones You Can Buy For Champion-Mobs Items or Bang Points (Not cheap)





    Safe: +4

    Max Weapon Simple/Blessed: 16

    Max Armor,Jewel Simple/Blessed: 20

    Max With Crystal: 16

    Weapon Rates: +5,+6,+7-95%, +8,+9-90%, +10-85%, +11-80%, +12-75%, +13-70%, +14-60%, +15-50%, +16-33%

    Armor,Jewel +5,+6,+7-95%, +8,+9-90%, +10,+11,+12-85%, +13-80%, +14-75%, +15-70%, +16-65%, +17-65%, +18-60%, +19-50%, +20-33%

    Crystal Scrolls Rate: 100%

    On Item Burn With Blessed Scrolls, Item Stays At +4

    You Can Also Enchant Your Items By Pvp'ing, 50 Pvp = Auto Enchant +1 to your choisen Equipment part



Enchanting Colors









    Initalized ONLY ONE Oren Siege

    Siege Duration: 2Hour

    Siege Time: Every Friday 20 Hour Gmt +2

    Minimum Clan Level To Reg - 5

    Retail Guards




    Fully Retail Olympiad Working 99%

    Heroes Every Sunday At 00:00 Hour

    Heroes Weapon Enchantable

    Valor Duration 2 Minutes

    Hero Flood Protection 15 seconds

    Special Items For Nobless Gate Pass (Buyable not only for Heroes)






    Npc Buffer (No Ressist)

    Dyes Maker

    Augment Manager

    Skill's Enchanter

    Skill's Learner

    Olympiad Manager

    Boss Manager

    Clan Manager

    AIO Sub Manager

    Class Master

    Achievements Manager

    All Npc Edited By SF Team and are UNIQUE




    Anti-Enchanting System

    Anti-Bot(Tower,Net,Walker,etc..) System

    Anti-Doss(Fully, for packets,ip,host..) System




    Chronicle Interlude (c6)

    Custom Items (Silent Cloak, Apella(+10% p def),Oath(+15% p def)) for beauty appereance

    Starting Lvel: 80

    All Items Are S-Grade (Need only bews/beas)

    A Grade For Free, S Grade Farmable

    Stackable Scrolls

    Rb Jewel Gaining For Pc Bang or Special Items

    Shift + Click Function (To See Monsters Drop And Drop Rates)

    Announcments Of Raidboss Killing And Spawning

    Mana,Hp Potions, Shots, Arrow are infinite

    Anti-Pole(Massing) Mobs

    Fully Control Of ALL Class Balance

    Anti - Heavy System

    4 Special Feeters Raidbosses

    Learnable Unlocker Skill (10Levels) to improve succes of chest unlocking (you can obtain bews/beas from chest)

    Beauty system messages

    Stable Server Platform

    Stable Server Host

  And Much More..

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