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L2 Infinity Freya x5 10/01/13


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www.l2infinity.net Gran Opening 10/01/13







Exp/SP/Adena/Spoil - x 5

Party multiplier - x 1.5

Quest multiplier - x 3

Raid drop - x3

Epic jewels drop rate - x 1



Safe +3

Max +10

Chance 50 %

Blessed 66 %



Free low-lvl shadow EQ for start

Free 1st class change

3kk for 2rd class change

Quest for 3rd class change (No classmaster)

Quest for noble (or noble from TW)

Subclass without Quest

Only dual allowed

Retail like buff time


Misc info

Retail buff time

Retail events

Lots of custom events


Boss respawn

Antharas: 7d +

Valakas: 7d +

Baium: 5d +

Frintezza: 3d +

Zaken (83): 3d +

Queen Ant : 2d +

Freya (both): instance, 7d reuse

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the most important is the server, the web is only a secondary , for the moment the server not have a forum , if need more info join http://www.facebook.com/pages/L2-Infinity/115739881930221

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L2trueno ...hmmmm... I know name of server like this ...hmmmm  :P ?? YEAH i remember this was argentinian or brasil homemade fail with 16 years old admin :D There was lags when u take buffs on 20 online. Server engine was lower than my laptop(maybe tablet) MAN DONT DO IT AGAIN PLZ LEAVE THIS IDEA!!! DONT WASTE OUR TIME FAILER!!!!

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brasil  ? Argentina ? first im Mexican ,second l2 trueno  was never a server third never do if they are not servers in a datacenter

Man i try belive u. If u lie me it make me huge satisfaction down this homemade sh1t again:)

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