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new updates :)  https://l2jhellas.com/ Revision 556: Fix: -player karma lost thanks xfranky for report. -player curson bug, thanks raxzerax for report. -admin respawn-delete npc properly delete npcs from database thanks xfranky for report. -on raidboss death player points are properly update. -castle-clanhall wrong message. thanks xfranky for report. -player sendRelationChanged added a check to avoid invisible exploit. -player can properly Equip-uneuip weapons when finish c

Don't need to. It's just facts. Libraries can have performance improvements by definition. I'm not saying this specific one has them, but it's undeniable they it can have them. It also means that performance can actually be worse after an update for various reasons, even though this is unusual.

i believe that this project should be here too https://maxcheaters.com/forum/221-private-projects-l2j/  

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just download it and check out yourself...

you can't answer before someone download? lol..you don't say anything about AIO on features that's why he ask you

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