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Hello guys.


From time to time this forum had many people claiming to be L2j Developer.


Many of you got scammed or disappointed because you didn't know if the person that was offering his services or codes was a real Developer.

It is time for a change. All these years of you had to search if the person is trusted dev or if he had some shares or codes that where good.

Now everyone that is a REAL L2j Developer will have an award.


The award is this : 641d32fb833ca449b4390bdf90575d95_l2ji.png


Until the end of this day all (or at least the developers that still use our site) will be rewarded with that and you will be able to know that he is a real one.


Let me show you the list of people that deserve this award and they will get it:


  • Tryskell
  • vampir
  • Mhoska
  • B1ggBoss
  • Emrys
  • Fanky
  • Intrepid
  • Kяaσh
  • Matim
  • Pauler
  • Setekh
  • Ventic
  • Versus
  • ◦Cobra◦
  • ^Wyatt
  • Rizel
  • NeverMorε «
  • An4rchy
  • hNoke



I probably forgot some of them but the list will be updated all the time with people i forgot or with new developers that proved their knowledge and skills.


2 Rules:

[*]Only I decide about this award.

[*]Don't cry/lick/emoquit for the awards. They are there just to make things clear.

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Lekino ?

Not even close.


what about marwan?I vote for him!

I though of adding him cuz he is good but he is fresh. He is one of the names that will be added soon here for sure.

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On this topic spammers will be warned . Elfo take care your topic .


my name not in the List o.O


You will see it on the ban list .

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