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interlude [l2j] Lineage ][ - Exorcism - New Interlude Mid rate x60


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L2 Server Rates


Exp: 60 / SP: 60 / Item: 25 / Adena: 50 / Spoil: 30 / Party Exp: 1.5 / Manor Rate:2 Quest drop: 10 / Quest Reward: 2 / Zero Hour Quest 2x

Raid Boss Info

~Raid Boss drop x2 / Epic Raid Boss x1

~Shadith/Mos/Hekaton/Tayr respawn time 10-12h

~Barakiel Respawn Time 6h + / - 1h

~Epic Raid Bosses Respawn Time Retail

~Four Sepulcher quest working! (Frintezza)

L2 Server Features


~Auto-learn skills.

~DAILY Updates - Active Development.

~Olympiad Period: Two weeks.

~Zariche and Cursed Weapon System.

~100% Uptime.


~Increased weight limit for characters.

~Alliances consist of a maximum of 5 clans.

~28+4 buffslots available.

~Mostly of the skills are working (We work hard to daily implement more).

~No Clan Penalties.

~GM Shop: Till B-Grade.

~Offline Shops.

~Wedding Priest at Giran.

~Elite clan halls and fortress sieges working!

~Flagged Players Cant Use Gatekeepers.

~Fully working Interlude Clan System.

~Commands in Game for Players

~Duel System fully working. (1v1 and Party Duel)

~Augmentation fully working.



~Olympiad fully working.

~Sieges 100%.

~General buffs, songs and dances last 2 hours.

~Prophecies / CoV 2 hours.

~Gift of Queen / Seraphim last 10 minutes.

~Automatic classmaster

~General Buffs in NPC buffers.

~Blacksmith/Merchant in Giran.

The true Form of lineage 2 starts in 36 hours! Ton's of pvp's in a non lagging and free of bug's server are w8ing each of u! My personal Opinion is that this Serv WILL BE BONE ROCKING! i w8 u all to have some fun! :) Pm ingame DonFilenaldos!

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Server need more advertise ... but it is not good iidea to post it on maxcheaters, there are a lot of  DDOS attacker  kids :D:D 


Btw nobles by full quest?

Raidbosses are with low mdef and high pdef like on  L2j ???  = destroyers are useless ???


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im trying with the advertise doing my best bro! and yeah the serv is l2j but gm hlapex works non stop to make everything correct! so rb's should not have low m def and high p def i think! and if community grows and ppl join the serv is like matter of time to move on an off platform!


and nobl quest im like 90% that is farming 500mss and get caradine's 65 from shop!

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