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interlude [L2J]Confronto server 500x


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Hello everyone, I have them bring one of the best pvp servers, great staff, always logged gms without donates items ...

Do not miss ...

Good game!






Experience: 500
Expexperience: 500
Party Experience: 10
Party Spexperience: 10
Adena: 1000


Enchant Rate:


Safe Enchant: +10
Weapon Max Enchant: +35
Armor Max Enchant: +35
Jewels Max Enchant: +35
Normal Scroll Enchant Rate: 65% Max+25
Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate: 80%  Max+25
Crystall Scroll Enchant Rate: 100%  Max+35
+35 Only Crystal Enchant
You can take Crystal Scrolls From Raid Boss there are  Respawn in Saturday  14hrs.





Server Client (Interlude)
Balance Agument Skills
Balanced Skills c4-c6
Balance Class
All Aguments Skills Balanced(Tested)
Mana Potions 2000 Mp Each
56 Buff Slot
Clan Halls Retail(With All NPC's)
All Grand Boss Spawn retail like
Tattoos All In one in NPC
Auto Loot
Auto Learn Skills
Max Subclasses = 5
Max Subclass level = 76
Max Alliances = 5
Grade Penalty - No
Events Protection
PvP farming Protection
Scheme and macro buffer. All buffs 5 hours.
MultiBox Allowed
Offline shops system
Fortress retail
Skills 100% working
Dualbox is allowed.
Autolearn skills
NPC changing classes
Friendly GM Staff
Regular updates
Awesome Balance
GM events
Player's spawn protect: 30 sec



Custom Features



PvP/Pk Reward System
Only 1 Agument allowed to use
Clan Leader Custom Tittle Color
Custom Reward kill war 5 points
HsRheumatismChance = 30
HsCholeraChance = 30
HsFluChance = 30
HsMalariaChance = 30
Free SubClass w/o Quest
Max Buffs 36
Mastery Penalty
Custom Balance Class
DaysBeforeJoinAClan = 0
DaysBeforeCreateAClan = 0
DaysToPassToDissolveAClan = 0
DaysBeforeJoinAllyWhenLeaved = 0
DaysBeforeJoinAllyWhenDismissed = 0
DaysBeforeAcceptNewClanWhenDismissed = 0
DaysBeforeCreateNewAllyWhenDissolved = 0
AltMaxNumOfClansInAlly = 3
AltClanMembersForWar = 5
Free Class Master
Custom mana potions reg 2000 mp
Max Debuffs 5
Chats  (Global CHat With 10 PvP)(Trade Chat With 30 PvP)
Unstuck Command = 15 sec
killing spree system (With Reward)


About Farm:


-There Is 2 Farm Zones With 2 Spots every one.
-Farm Zone 1 Peace zone GLUDIN/Giran Harbor Spot 2 
-There is same Farm Mob's Drop: Elemental Stone
-With Farm Item you Can Buy Blessed Scrolls/ Dy/ Ls and more.
-Easy Farm.


Olympiad System

Olympiad Cycle: 2 Weeks
Olympiad start time: 18:00
Olympiad end Time: 00:00
Olympiad Fight time 6 hours
Olympiad After match skill refresh
Olympiad Auto Hero




Intel Core I5 1024 4 4.01 GHZ
8 GB Ram
1000mbit/s Connection
Unlimited Trafic
Linux Os
HDs&Intel SSDs




Realy DDOS Protections.
L2 Wallker Protection
Spawn Protection:20 Sec
Olympiad Protection
Events Protection
L2Net Protection
L2Boot Protection

-Website: http://l2confrontopvp.com

-Forum: https://www.facebook.com/pages/L2Confronto/476243195731438

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It is the anti-cheat guard




I configured the server the way you found it useful, I accept constructive criticism, not everyone will please.


so u mean dat l2tower phx etc are not workin ?

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Yes friend, reopen with new features, more stable, and much much more important pvp = D

I remember you crissTexx a good player = D



It was therefore changed to +25 +35 and felt a certain stability in the classes, then the players liked it, so I left.



I tested some and saw that blocked then think works a certain way, the more we will see throughout the server.



Sorry for my bad english =x

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