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[Private DP] L2 Astaroth x15 Presentation - OBT 15 December!


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L2 Astaroth Features - Official Topic

Dear Guests,
Firstly we would like to welcome you in our Forum Community Boards and wish you have a pleasant stay here and in our Gameserver.
L2Astaroth is using private source and runs under High Five platform. Project's source is fully developed and worked since Gracia Epilogue and offers you a unique gameplay with high standards and features.


BETA Test Phase: 15 December
LIVE  Start Date : 22 December 17:00 GMT+0
Website Home link: www.l2astaroth.com
Forum Index link: www.l2astaroth.com/forum
*Register in our forums and participate in our Contests to win impressive Rewards for the Grand Opening!
Basic Rates
  • Exp/SP/Adena: x15
  • Drop/spoil: x10
  • Quest items: x5 (not all quests)
  • Quest rewards: Exp x8, adena x5
  • RB Drop: x7
  • Epic drop: chance x3,am-beep-t x1,adena x7
  • Manor: x2
  • Rate Extract Fish: x8
  • Vitality: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2
  • Vitality Gain/Lost = 3.35/1
  • Safe Enchant: +4
  • Max Enchant: +16
  • Normal Scroll: 56%
  • Blessed Scroll: 66%
  • Element Chance: 50%
  • Element Crystal: 30%
  • Hellbound level: 11




  • Chamber of Delusion
  • Seed of Destruction
  • Seed of Infinity
  • Kamaloka instaces
  • Pailaka instances
  • Crystal Caverns - Reworked
  • Tower of Naia - Reworked
  • Steel Citadel
  • Tully's Workshop - Reworked
  • Hellbound Town - Reworked
  • Dark Cloud Mansion
  • 7signs Epic Quests - Reworked
  • Zaken Normal and Hard
  • Freya Easy and Hard
  • Frintezza


Gameplay Standards


  • Max Buff A-beep-t: 28 (+4 Divine Inspiration)
  • Dances & Songs: 12
  • Trigger Buffs: 12
  • PP,SE,EE,WH,WC,OL,BD,SWS,Cats: 2 Hours
  • Auto Loot
  • Drop Protection
  • Player Spawn Protection: 30 Seconds
  • Weight Limit: x5
  • Max Subclasses: 3
  • Max Subclass Level: 85
  • Subclass Without Quest
  • Class Master
  • Auto Learn Skills Including FGS
  • Mailbox Gifts per levels


NPC's & Features


  • Global Gatekeeper



  • Hellbound Gatekeeper



  • Buffer



  • General Merchant Goods



  • Loui The Cat - Server Functions



  • Achievements Hall of Fame



  • Blacksmith of Mammon



  • Merchant of Mammon



  • Shadai - Legendary Blacksmith



  • Ishuma - Maestro



  • Custom Community Board (picture not available yet)




  • Custom Instanced TvT (Every 4h)

Custom Instanced TvT Event with 4 Random places to take place:


Gludin/Rune/Hellbound/Crystal Caverns


TvT Features


First Blood, Killing Spree, Unstopable, Godlike


Rewards: 3 Festival Adena

First Blood: +2 Festival Adena

Killing Spree:  +1 Festival Adena

Unstopable:  +2 Festival Adena

Godlike:  +3 Festival Adena

Minumum kills to be rewarded: 3

Also AFK Players not get rewarded.


  • Custom Instanced CFT (Every 4h)


Rewards: 4 Festival Adena


  • Custom Instanced KOTH (Every 4h)


Rewards: 4 Festival Adena


  • Anniversary Letters Event(running)
  • Commendation Event(running)
  • Heavy Medal Event(running)
  • Trick or transmutation Event(running)
  • The Gift of Vitality Event (running)
  • Saving Santa Event (running)




More Information


  • S84 Grade items recipes and parts drop rate lowered, but still reasonable for the server's rates.
  • All talismans working
  • Crafting chances are retail
  • 2 weeks Olympiad Period
  • Anti feed system
  • Olympiad: New stadiums, match details, match spectation and olympiad quests are working
  • Max element on weapons: Lv. 7, on armors is Lv. 7.






These was our most important server features and information you have to know in order to play on L2Astaroth, do not lose the Grand Opening on Saturday 22 December 17.00 GMT +0, many intresting things await you and of course much fun with hundreds of players!

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Why is this thread not flooded with good comments? This looks like the best midrate that's been around in LONG time. I'll be @ beta to confirm my theory and then I will help advertise this server, no doubt, looks great.

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Why is this thread not flooded with good comments? This looks like the best midrate that's been around in LONG time. I'll be @ beta to confirm my theory and then I will help advertise this server, no doubt, looks great.


Thank you very much for your good feedback, soon advertising campaign starts for us, some contests will start from now in our forum.


OBT is very close, you can get your confirmation by testing us

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    • A-grade stage   01.12 at 09:00 we will have a long-awaited transition to a new stage.   What awaits you at the A-grade stage: - The maximum level is 75. - New locations: Goddart and Rune territory, TOI 5+, Silent Valley, LOA (66+ mobs), Catacombs - Witch, Dark Omens, Necropolis - Martyrdom, Saint's, Devotion, Captains rift, Commanders Rift, 60+ festival zones, Wall of Argos, ToI 8-14, Silent Valley, Blazing Swamp, Hot Springs, Varka, Ketra, Stakato Nest; - Added new epic raid bosses Zaken, Core, Orfen (will spawn randomly from 17:00 to 21:00 server time); - Recipes / keys / whole items of S grade  are not available (quests for them as well); - The Grand Olympiad will take place at: 12.12, 14.12, 15.12, 17.12, 19.12, 20.12, 21.12; - To participate in Olympiad, a minimum of level 61 is required; - It will be possible to receive rewards for the B-grade stage on 01.12 from 00:00 server time and hero status from 12:00 server time - Stage duration: 21 days
    • WTS adena Serious trade 25+ KK in stock 6 USD / KK
    • Hello, I edited a quest for the interlude server. However, I want to add a timer to this quest so that it will be reset every 24 hours or at a certain time of the day. I could not do this because my Java knowledge is not very sufficient. If anyone can help me with this, I would be very happy. Note:I created it by editing the existing kill all sphys task.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Made by Mr. - Version 0.3 by DrLecter import sys from l2jorion.game.model.quest import State from l2jorion.game.model.quest import QuestState from l2jorion.game.model.quest.jython import QuestJython as JQuest qn = "263_KillAllSylphs1" ORB_OF_WATER = 9998 ORB_OF_FIRE = 9999 ORB_OF_WIND = 10000 ORB_OF_EARTH = 10001 STONE_OF_VALOR = 10002 DROPLIST={ 57000:[ORB_OF_WIND,100], 57001:[ORB_OF_EARTH,100], 57002:[ORB_OF_FIRE,100], 57003:[ORB_OF_WATER,100], } class Quest (JQuest) :  def __init__(self,id,name,descr): JQuest.__init__(self,id,name,descr)  def onEvent (self,event,st) :     htmltext = event     if event == "70737-03.htm" :       st.set("cond","1")       st.setState(STARTED)       st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_accept")     elif event == "70737-06.htm" :       st.exitQuest(1)       st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_finish")     return htmltext  def onTalk (self,npc,player):    htmltext = "<html><body>You are either not carrying out your quest or don't meet the criteria.</body></html>    st = player.getQuestState(qn)    if not st : return htmltext    npcId = npc.getNpcId()    id = st.getState()    if id == CREATED :      st.set("cond","0")    if st.getInt("cond")==0 :      if player.getLevel()<76 :        htmltext = "70737-01.htm"        st.exitQuest(1)      else :        htmltext = "70737-02.htm"    else :      water = st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_WATER)      fire = st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_FIRE)      wind = st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_WIND)      earth = st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_EARTH)      if water == fire == wind == earth == 0 :        htmltext = "70737-04.htm"      if npcId == 70737 and st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_WATER) and st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_FIRE) and st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_WIND) and st.getQuestItemsCount(ORB_OF_EARTH) :        htmltext = "70737-05.htm"        st.giveItems(STONE_OF_VALOR,1)        st.takeItems(ORB_OF_WATER,-1)        st.takeItems(ORB_OF_FIRE,-1)        st.takeItems(ORB_OF_WIND,-1)        st.takeItems(ORB_OF_EARTH,-1)    return htmltext  def onKill(self,npc,player,isPet):    st = player.getQuestState(qn)    if not st : return     if st.getState() != STARTED : return         item,chance=DROPLIST[npc.getNpcId()]    if st.getRandom(100)>1 :      st.giveItems(item,1)      st.playSound("ItemSound.quest_itemget")    return QUEST       = Quest(263,qn,"Kill All Sylphs1") CREATED     = State('Start', QUEST) STARTING    = State('Starting', QUEST) STARTED     = State('Started', QUEST) COMPLETED   = State('Completed', QUEST) QUEST.setInitialState(CREATED) QUEST.addStartNpc(70737) QUEST.addTalkId(70737) QUEST.addKillId(57000) QUEST.addKillId(57001) QUEST.addKillId(57002) QUEST.addKillId(57003) STARTED.addQuestDrop(57002,ORB_OF_FIRE,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(57003,ORB_OF_WATER,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(57000,ORB_OF_WIND,1) STARTED.addQuestDrop(57001,ORB_OF_EARTH,1)
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