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[L2J] Lineage ][ WinterFell Fresh Opened [Open Beta STAGE]

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  • Rates
  • Xp 5000x.
  • Sp 5000x.
  • Aden 5000x.
  • Drop 5000x.
  • PartyXp 1x.
  • PartySp 1x.
  • Starting character level - 80.
  • Enchant rates
  • Safe enchant +3.
  • Blessed and Simple scrolls max enchant (+10).
  • Simple enchant scrolls chance - 66%.
  • Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 95%.
  • Unique features
  • Main town - Giran.
  • Giran castle sieges.
  • Unique aden system.
  • Unique farming zones.
  • Npc skill enchanter.
  • A/S grade items for free.
  • Npc buffer.
  • Max count of buffs - 36.
  • Max subclasses - 3.
  • Free and no quest class change.
  • Free and no quest sub class.
  • Noblesse System.
  • No weight limit.
  • No grade limit.
  • Online password change.
  • Top pvp/pk npc in game.
  • Augmentation system (preconfigured).
  • Server information npc.
  • Unique monsters.
  • Offline trade system.
  • Interlude retail skills.
  • Server up-time [24/7] [99]%.
  • Perfect class balance.
  • Commands
  • .tvtjoin .tvtleave - Join or leave tvt event.
  • .ctfjoin .ctfleave - Join or leave ctf event.
  • .tvtinfo .ctfinfo - Info for tvt and ctf stats during the event
  • .iamonline - prove you are not afk.
  • .blockbuffs - block target buffs
  • .unblockbuffs - unblock target buffs
  • .wp - view your winterfell points
  • Event system
  • TVT event [11:00 15:00 19:00,23:00] hours.
  • CTF event [13:00 17:00 21:00 01:00] hours.
  • Unique event shop
  • Olympiad game
  • Retail olympiad game.
  • Competition period [1] week.
  • Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00].






Alpha Testing or just Alpha From 20/10/2012 - 02/11/2012


Alpha testing is an early stage of testing of a server. It’s usually done after a server just finishes being developed. It’s very common for servers to be unstable in this stage, as the purpose of alpha testing is to iron out the “obvious” bugs and glitches. Developers usually conduct Alpha testing internally, meaning gamers will not get a chance to try the server out. Server developers do this because they don’t want people seeing the server until its further developed.


Closed Beta or Close Beta From 02/11/2012 - 26/11/2012


This stage of testing usually comes right after all the problems discovered in Alpha testing are fixed. The length of closed beta testing really varies from server to server. As the name implies, this stage of testing is still “closed” from the public, but is much more extensive than Alpha Testing. Gamers can usually “apply” for Closed Beta testing, as developers want gamers to “try out” their server and report any newly discovered bugs to them. There’s no way all of a server’s issues can be discovered in Alpha testing, as only a handful of people are trying out the server and looking for bugs. Closed beta on the other hand, is usually open to many more people. Since this is a non-public beta test, most of the time characters created during closed beta will be wiped. This means all characters will be deleted when closed beta testing ends. This is not always the case, but is the norm.


Open Beta  From 28/11/2012 - ??/??/2012

For all intents and purposes, Open Beta means the Server is released and available to the public. Anyone can register and download the server . Open Beta is still considering beta testing, but almost all of the bugs / problems with the game have already been worked out. Developers usually focus on enhancing the game by adding new features during open beta rather than fixing bugs, but users are still encourage to submit any bugs they discover during Open Beta.And of course all characters will be wiped again, but this time players who succesfully reported a bug will be awarded in Commercial Release.


Commercial Release

The server is fully released and is no longer in any testing stages. Developers focus on expanding the server’s features and content instead of hunting for bugs to fix. Like in open beta, anyone can register and begin playing the game right away.




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Ye we can join now so tomorrow you decide to end beta and wipe the server.


you can chek server balance and farm 8)

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so it will change from beta mode to normal today, good..


yeah but svr really good 8) balance farming zones ;)


wipe after beta?



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