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Farming,Grinding,Spot Fishing, Fishing, Gather, Archaeology,Anti AFK Bot V 0011

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-> How-to: 32bitclient.png





Version: 0011

Wow: 5.0.5:16135

This Version includes:

- Anti AFK Bot

- Fishing Bot

- Flying Gather Bot

- Custom Mode

- *NEW* Archa Bot

- *NEW* Grinding mode

- *NEW* Questing mode



Anti AFK:

If you enable this Bot your Wow Char never will be AFK again!



You hate doing cast your fishing spell and wait till it bobs? Then our fishing bot is the solution for your problem! The bot fishes and use lures (if you want that) for you while your are watching TV, eating or enjoy your life  ;D .


Gather bot:

Woo ow!!! The price for herbs and mines explode ? Endless mining and herbing sucks? Then the Gather-bot is the right mode for you! The Bot automatically use -beep-ts and collects herbs and mines.


And much more!!!







After you download the bot you have to register at http://mmocrawlerbots.com/ (Its not spam you have to create a free account to use the bot)Very simple registration with simple e-mail activation!In the next few steps ill show you how easy it is!

Step 1:Deactivate your firewall or antivirus if you got problems with mesh downloading

Step 2:Once you are done with the registration you are able to use the bot

Step 3:Use Direct X 9 (wow settings) if the bot doesn't work.

Step 4:Open the .rar and run crawlerbots.exe

Step 5:Happy Boting!


I used this bot for lvling up my spriest was very easy to configure and no way to get busted! :) It worked for me 100% without any trouble(you have still a little chance to get banned but only if some one goes mad and reports you cause you are able to bot and he not!)

Fore more information specific details and custom profiles for the bot you can search at the forum of mmocrawler lot of  wow junkies updating all the time!or just ask me for advice!



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