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[SELL]LameGuard hardware ID ban bypass

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As you know lameguard uses your hardware ID to ban your computers so you are not able to play again in that server


However after a lot of reversing i found the way they detect the hardware id so i made a program to cloack,hide or what ever

you want to call it your hardware ID.


If you are hwd banned it allows you to play again in that server!

If you are not banned but u want to try some bots or something it protects your real HWID from getting banned!




PM for more info if you want to buy it!


video proof(screen to exe) -> http://www.2shared.com/file/Mywn567T/demo1.html

virustotal -> https://www.virustotal.com/file/6f69b8b629b4bb566324dd0d982a95ad7204000ed6000c4d5090331ff2eacecb/analysis/1353369411/


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Nice job, finally something with sense on this forum. If its only spoofing the hardware id i can code it myself :D


And one question, how are you sure that this is the way? U decompiled it any way?

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