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[Share]here's the Duplique xploit that works on DN

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omg i didnt knew about this... lol. he is sharing cause DNet is now under maintanence and the bugs got fixed.

I didn't knew it before I know it now than DN is down...

what u mean by 70% animal bone? its like 70% of your bag's weight? or just seventy animal bones? or wut? :X

You must buy 100 animal bones. So yes it's 70 and 30 animal bones. Nothing with the weight.



Maybe it is with L2Phx I'll try on a L2J server.


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i dont understand what bones have to do with coins, can u be more specific?

demev has originally posted this. The thread author doesn't even know how it's done. Dadman plz give the damn credits!

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I was waiting for you Demev.

My source said me you found this exploit, maybe you can say us more about this?

Exploit deleted by me for some reasons.

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